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Author Topic: Cute Vicki (Leeds)  (Read 309 times)

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Offline bod666

https://www.adultwork.com/2903822 or https://www.adultwork.com/%5F+Cute+Vicki+%5F

I went to see Vicki around 20:30 in the evening.  I tried phoning but it went to voicemail so I texted.  A short while later I got a reply and the booking was arranged via text.

Location is at the Docks in the same building as every other escort I've ever seen there.

I was a bit confused by finding the room as the it was on a certain floor but a very low number, exiting the elevators the rooms were all in the hundreds but after wandering the corridors I found that they did indeed randomly drop from the hundreds to the 10s.  Odd.

Magic door opened and Vicki is as per profile - attractive looking raven haired Polish woman.  I am terrible with ages but 28+ seems reasonable - she's good looking and friendly, but English isn't the best.

She offered me a shower which I accepted - good facilities there, lots of clean towels and a heated towel rail so all good.  I headed back into the bedroom with towel wrapped round me, annoyingly I had to wait a little while for her to join me as she used the toilet, but then she did join me on the bed and quickly took the towel off me.  Lots of smiling and caressing to get me hard (no kissing though), there was an odd bump in the road where she kissed my cock (obviously clean as I'd just got out the shower) then decided to rubber me up.  Slightly disappointing as profile does mention owo (at discretion).

After some acceptable covered oral she jumped on top for an excellent session of cowgirl - great eye contact, smiles and encouraging noises.  We then moved to doggy where she took a good pounding before moving to missionary.  Before we recommenced in missionary she grabbed her phone to check the time and told me I had 10 minutes left... not a problem I said as we recommenced and I happily shagged until I filled the bag.

So the negatives:
- profile says GFE - it wasn't in my book;
- profile says she kisses - I asked during the shagging and she said no.  However I did get the odd peck on the lips when she forgot herself;
- owo on profile, but covered oral provided;

- friendly, smiley attractive girl;
- good shag;
- great eye contact throughout

And now for some explanation.  Vicki told me that she had only been escorting (at all!) for 3 days, so obviously we're looking at some profile swapping here and no-one bothered to update the services (is me being generous).

I had a good time, we had a good laugh afterwards as I was getting dressed, nice chat, she's a fun girl. And she made me feel like a sexual god - which is always to be applauded.

I probably won't go back though as I really prefer the gfe, just lying next to a girl kissing really gets my engine revving, and when it isn't there then the experience isn't as great as it is with girls who do offer that service.

In summary for me this isn't a negative which some might have put it down as due to the misleading profile, but I had a good time hence only neutral.

Once she gets more experienced and if any more reviews pop up demonstrating more of a gfe then I'd be back in a shot.

1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline thrck20

Good review she is on my hotlist ... How would you describe the ways she looks and roughly size because some photos on some girls are photoshopped sooooo much

Offline bod666

I'd say the pics on the profile are accurate. They give a fair representation. She's not a stick insect - nice tits and ass with a flat stomach - all good :)

Offline stevedave

Bod - excellent review, as always! Thanks for TOFTT with her, I have tried to TOFTT but she doesn't seem to want to have any comms with me  :D

Very odd...like you say, she advertises a gfe but no kissing does not a gfe make! Also, lack of OWO puts me off. I'm reminded of Sensual Lucy. I saw her but for some reason never reviewed...nice girl, decent service but no kissing (as advertised) and no OWO (as advertised) would have resulted in a neutral.

Like you say, hopefully the service will improve, but in reality I won't hold my breath  :unknown:

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