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Author Topic: Decriminalisation of Prostitution Bill  (Read 684 times)

Jean Urquart MSP has a private bill before the Scottish Parliament to decriminalise prostitution along the lines of New Zealand to allow, among other sensible things, up to four WGs to work together in a flat.
The public consultation, which was to end last Monday, has been extended for a further week. Anyone wishing to support the bill can Google the MSPs website and answer 11 questions.
I am sick to death hearing the feminazi bigots braying for the criminalisation of punters along the lines of the much vaunted, but actually ineffective, 'Swedish model'. Urquart's bill is a timely boost for common sense and deserves support.
If you agree, then don't miss the chance; just go on line and do it. At the very least it will show that there is a body of opinion that disagrees withe the feminist harridans.

Her website is here. The consultation document gives her email address at the Scottish Parliament where you can send responses too.


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Offline Agent W

It's brave of Jean Urquhart to propose this. I always get the impression that it's far easier for politicians to boost their traditional-family-values, tough-on-crime image by being against all sex work, especially if they can also make themselves look compassionate by getting in a quote about trafficking and child abuse. I imagine it's regarded as career-limiting to appear to be in favour of it, and this has led to some irrationally repressive legislation over the years despite society's generally liberalising attitudes to sex.

Brave of her indeed, AgentW, but she is not standing again for parliament next May. Nothing to lose by doing what she regards as the right thing.
With Margo MacDonald gone it's good that someone is willing to stand up for the rights of prossies and punters.
I hope users of this site will respond; although the bill won't pass, enough public support for it will will send a message that not everyone agrees with the Harriet Harmans and Mary Honeyballs (seriously, that's her name; ya couldna make it up) of this world.

Offline Third Man

well done to her for this, lets hope it moves things in the decrim direction at least and stops the feminist agenda once and for all. I believe the scot parl have some review of their own to report in the new year so hopefully the rhoda grant and her ilk's time is up. career politicians in the republic seem hell bent on criminilisation despite evidence to the contrary.

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