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Two punts with Nicoly, 30 mins (£70) and 1 hour (£130). Similar experience both times, very satisfied.

Messaged over AW for the first meet, phone number provided to call and confirm. For some reason she wasn't able to text me the address so messaged me on AW instead.
Second time I called as was unexpectedly available, arranged with 90 minutes notice.
Both times Nicoly was well-timed in her responses, and clear by written communication. Her spoken English I found quite difficult to understand over the phone, which didn't help in terms of getting the directions correct!

10 minute walk from St John's Wood tube, near Lord's. Single apartment in a block, buzzer for entry. Wasn't obvious which block it was until I was right outside.
First time I was given postcode and street only, some difficulty over the phone working it out but managed to get there. Second time there were a few people hanging around on the corner but nothing off-putting.
Once inside, no problems at all.

Looks / Personality
Photos are real, although she's put on a little more weight than in the pics but this could just be accentuated as she's short. Very friendly and greeted with a kiss, she was wearing a full lingerie set with heels.
Curvy is an accurate description, and overall she's very attractive. Long black hair which she leaves loose. English is easier to understand when talking face to face, and she's very open about her life and background - confirming she is genuinely from Brazil! Trimmed rather than clean shaven but very neat.
One major thing that should be pointed out is that she has a scar from a caesarean section that is airbrushed out in at least one photo. This may be a dealbreaker for some.

Shower isn't great, but then again you aren't there to shower. Hose connected to the tap which is a bit awkward when trying to get all the important areas! Clean fresh towels though. Functional would be my description. Incredibly laid back about the paperwork, almost to the point of not caring about it. Left on her desk and didn't spot her checking it at any point.
First time I went it took her a few minutes to "warm up", but no issues second visit.
Full FK off the bat, very good at it too. Great set of tits which she definitely enjoys you giving your attention to, which was my pleasure to do. Leading into OWO, decent technique with very little hand action. RO was seemingly well received also.
On with the protection, first time applied by mouth but second time handed to me to self-apply. CG to start, great show with those tits in my face. Mish and doggy also, the latter seeming to be her speciality and she knows it!
For the hour visit, had a decent enough massage after the first pop to recharge. Almost B2B really and this led into more OWO. She clearly wanted a CIM finish but couldn't seem to muster up to a second pop within an hour - that's twice now! She actually seemed a bit disappointed which was a nice touch. Overall she's equally as willing to receive instruction as to give direction to liven things up, which I enjoyed as a change from having to control every moment of the event.
Chat and cuddle to close off, both times spending longer than the booked time. Showered and on my way, without feeling rushed. Second time I was there I had to take a phone call in the lobby of the building (as it was tipping it down outside) and was pleased that I didn't see another punter on the way up whilst I was doing so!
On the downside, whilst I was there for the second visit I lost count of the number of times her phone rang before she switched it to silent (I asked). She wasn't bothered at all and ignored it completely but it certainly interrupts me.

Very enthusiastic GFE-type punt.
Genuinely seems to enjoy what she does, from the first hello to the goodbye.
Overall very good technique.
Zero clockwatching.

Curvier than expected from photos, although this isn't a con for all it's noted here to ensure reasonable expectations.
C-Section scar very obvious.
No additional services offered but I'm a vanilla type of guy so didn't request.
Crap ringtone!

As long as you're not put off by the "cons", I highly recommend.

5 review(s) found for NicolyBrasilian linked to in above post (5 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Just an update to this, Nicoly's profile was removed for a while but is back as https://www.adultwork.com/3474708. Prices are up by a tenner.

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