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After the Honey Next Door blew me away, did a frantic search of who was available that day and hit a jackpot. Lancashire Minx or LadyEvie as she was known as earlier was available and quickly sent me her postcode. 1hr incall at her place in Shudehill. Parking was a pain to find...finally managed to squeeze into a tight spot and sauntered off. All the disappointment perhaps made a bit giddy so it took me @15mins to find her apartment block and about 4 phone calls to Evie. To her credit she was cool about it...but I felt like an idiot.

anyways, a quick shower and onto to the main event. Evie is brilliant at her job and is gifted in the looks and body department....nice face and tits, infectious smile and a very warm demeanor. Sex was great, multiple positions, two pops....and lots of banter in between. Really enjoyed my time.

Good bang-for-the-buck. Will return sometime, hopefully soon. :hi:

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Another one to fleece my Xmas bonus, into the list she goes.

Thanks  :dash: :D

Cheers Rocky