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Saw Eliza at for 30mins at her incall place on Union street. Its apparently a place she shares with another girl. I did not see the other girl at the place but I did hear her there.

Making a booking was easy but then the postcode she gave me was almost a mile away from her actual place. It was absolutely pissing down that day so not best day to realize you are a mile away when you have already gotten soaked trying to pay for a parking ticket. She gave me another postcode which took right to her door. I parked and I was told she'd msg me the door number. Waited for 5mins and with nothing forthcoming, called to ask the number. Was given door number immediately - why make me wait?  :unknown:

Anyways, knock-knock and Eliza lets me in. My first impressions were she is larger than the images. I am not an expert in dress sizes but I think she is larger than 14. Her best attributes are her eyes, massive tits and bum. She stripped, sucked and then had sex but the overall experience was a bit underwhelming, may have been the poor weather too.  :unknown: She told me she does not do cow-girl so did not ask for any further exotic positions. Doogy and missionary to completion with CIM. Left me half-way whilst I was cumming to spit it out.

Not a good-bang-for-the-buck at all. Will not return, ever. :hi:

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Link bud?

So I can plop her the tepidlist


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I've done cowgirl with Eliza, but she wouldn't do a 69.  I found her ok TBH.

I like big girls.

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Ive seen eliza very poor in my opinion. Larger than expected and a bit smelly to be honest.

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Seen her myself never returned not the best experience of my punting career. I wouldn't recommend her  :thumbsdown:

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Ive seen eliza very poor in my opinion. Larger than expected and a bit smelly to be honest.

Urghh,,there is nothing worse than a prossie with BO/fag or dog breath or a cod fanny,,and look at her prices,,hahahahaaaaa

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So glad i read this, shes been in my hotlist for a longtime, think its time to remove her, i just cant understand all the positive feedback she has on adultwork

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Looks nothing like her pics either.

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I think I mentioned on another post on here a while back that I walked when I saw her in the flesh.

As marcus1985 says above she looks sod all like her pics and if truth be known they are not the best in the first place. The only reason I arranged to meet her was I was a bit inexperienced and at the time she was less than a mile from the place I was stopping for the evening.

She opened the door and I was honest and told her she was just not my type. She seemed ok about it and made no big fuss etc but she did kind of slam the door a bit as I walked off to a cracking punt with that Polish lass from near Ordsall with the huge tits I can never remember the name of.


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Hi there everyone
I'm Eliza as the subject of this discussion I found it only fair that I reply.
There are a couple of issues I would like to address firstly my size.
I am not a small girl and have never claimed to be one there are videos of me which are readily accessible with a Google search which clearly show me as I am. I am not getting at anyone who has commented negatively as everyone is entitled to their opinion and I absolutely respect that I will not be for everyone.

As for my services there are a couple of things I don't like hence when making a booking over the phone I always ask what you are looking for so if I don't do what you are looking for you can find someone more suitable to your needs.

Finally I would like to address the comment that I apparently smell. I can categorically state that I take the utmost pride in my health and hygiene and so have no idea where this has come from and can say I'm quite shocked.

If I'm treated with respect then you'll get the same back with me just like anything in life.

I strive to make all my customers happy and sincerely apologise to anyone who feels dissatisfied and I shall take your comments on board.

All the best

Eliza xx