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Author Topic: Anyone seen Muchy85?  (Read 913 times)

Offline GDYork

I went to see her about 18 months back when she was based in West Bowling.
She is a big girl in all areas and at the time the service was very lackluster.
I'd only gone for a quicky (thankfully) but during that time she answered her phone at least 4 times and she had very little interest - perhaps it was just me?
Only got as far as covered oral and I wouldn't make a return visit.
The pictures on AW - not sure.  At first her AW pics were genuine and yes she's a big girl but I'm not sure if the new pics now showing are genuine and or have been touched up (no pun intended)

Offline paul321

Thanks for the info. Yes I wasn't sure about the pics on AW, I think I've seen them before somewhere else.