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Author Topic: The Private Club  (Read 1085 times)

Offline Bobby2611

Thinking of paying this place a visit this week, can anyone recommend it? Is it as good as the TLC club?

Offline piercedtim

I'd say it's different to TLC rather than better or worse. It tends to be busier than TLC and in my experience the girls aren't so forward - they basically lay on the bed and you go to them when you are ready (and depending how busy it is that may be more difficult than it sounds, although I usually go to afternoon parties so it's not usually THAT busy). This can be a good thing though as at TLC I sometimes find I don't get chance to recover from one pop before being cajoled by one of the girls to join in again, whereas at Private Club that doesn't tend to happen. There is also a sauna - which I like so I can go and chill between rounds. The girls at PC tend to have regular breaks so in an afternoon it'll start about half 12, and each girl will get a couple of fag breaks and it finishes about half 3. Not too bad unless you've been patiently waiting your turn with a particular girl and just as you get there she's called off for her break  :dash: There are more girls on the rota at PC so perhaps a wider variety, although I generally find the girls at TLC more attractive - there are a couple of exceptions to this though and obviously my idea of attractive might be your idea of  :vomit: PC is cheaper, but you have to pay for drinks and condoms on top of the entry price + a £5 locker deposit - doesn't amount to a great deal but worth knowing. One thing PC does have going for it is that playing couples go fairly often and that can be fun, but I don't think TLC tends to get couples in.

On the whole I prefer TLC. Although it is more expensive, I feel like I get more bang for my buck so to speak. I'm sure there are others who have totally different views to me though, so give it a go and write a review of how you get on. I'd be interested to know what other people think

If you're going this week that leaves you Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Lots of 'new' girls appearing this week so I can't say how they are or what they're up for - Tyla on Wednesday afternoon is recommended - always looks good and has her moments which are many...
Demi on Wednesday night - older but dirty as fuck, does pretty much everything and squirts too...
Friday afternoon is a filmed facials event with Jade - a facials veteran with two new girls.
Friday night has more new girls with Sterling, Stella and Tyla.
Saturday, usually a busier night with four girls playing - most not my cuppa but each to their own.

I like the place. It's relaxed with sofas for chilling and separate rooms for couples, threesomes or more. Sauna is always clean and provides a welcome place to relax between rounds.

You pay your money and take your choice.

Offline Bobby2611

Cheers for the heads up, was thinking of going Wednesday night, the squirter sounds interesting lol

Cheers for the heads up, was thinking of going Wednesday night, the squirter sounds interesting lol

Demi pretty much squirts on demand - touch her right and it's a fountain.

TLC is on Stratford place Birmingham.   I'm going there this Saturday


Never been to The private club and with me living 75 miles away from Brum I'd rather pay a bit more for a lower ratio as I'm not driving all that way to be queuing up

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