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    It had been awhile since my last voyage to the back passage of a women, the craving was there and it was time to do something about it....

    I'm bang into my milfs at the moment...I just find them so much more enjoyable and dirty than the younger girl....and I feel more relaxed around an experienced woman.

    I was in the mood for some cock and ball worshipping followed by some anal destruction.
    I turned up at this coastal flat, lots of parking and no prying eyes. Francesca answered the door and I immediately knew it was gonna be a memorable meet.

    I got the paper bit out of the way from the off and we went straight into some dfk. We "fell" onto the bed where my hands found their way to her lovely natural cleavage.
    I began licking and sucking her tits, warming myself through with the excitement....within minutes her infectious smile and voice, along with those suckable boobs, had me hard.
    I jumped up, threw my pants and boxers off and told her " I love a sexy milf sucking my cock". Standing beside the bed, my rock hard shaft was aiming at her, and like a cat to milk her luscious red lips kissed the tip of my cock. She licked the shaft first and kissed the tip some more, the tease she was! But the feeling we all know and love soon followed....the feeling of the full length being swallowed. She sucked my cock like her life depended in it. I stood there,hands by my side watching this sexy milfs head bounce around and my bell end hit the back of her throat....wonderful.
    As I mentioned earlier I was after some ball worshipping too...my cock was throbbing now but I lay on the bed at Francesca's request, legs either side of her while she lapped up my bollocks. Now, I'm pretty content at this point but I'd like to get her involved some more. Out comes the vibro! Francesca rolls to her side, I slide my man into her inviting mouth and set to work on her pussy and clit with this bit of purple magic. We both started to really enjoy this now....I started face fucking her and she was thrusting around the vibro...it was time to up the ante.
    I told her I'd heard she liked a stiff one up the bum....her reply was "i do". With a grin like the joker we slid the jacket on, lubed up and bent her over! There two mirrors I can look in....an amazing arse in front of me and my rock solid dick....She guides me home. Extacy.
    I'm slapping her arse just getting into my stride, I can her looking at me in the mirror....we're both having fun now. I get up from my knees and start hammering her arse porn star style! Holding onto her shoulders as I'm pumping in heaven. Back onto my knees I grab her hips hard....I lean back...She sits up. I've now got Francesca bouncing her arse onto my cock. I'm close. This shit is gonna hit the roof if I pull out! I'm pulling her harder and harder into me, screaming with excitement she's loving it so deep....I'm now balls deep in a sexy milf! Fuck what a thrill.
    I cannot hold on, several huge pumps and my sack has emptied it's contents up Francesca's backside.

    We clean up, chat, catch breathe.awesome meet. She is one of the few I'd see again.
    Oh and I've bruised my bellend! Either from the face fucking or the hard anal. Brilliant.

    Great review. She sounds like a right goer!

    Completely understand why you are so excitable about it all !  The best I've ever seen and hard to see how she could get any better.

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