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Author Topic: Large labia  (Read 4546 times)

Offline ramrodronnie

I've saw Erica a couple of times last month (reviews pending) and I can confirm her curtains are longish but not anything like Sadie Gold's above or Nicole Du Papillon www.adultwork.com/331614. I'm a fan of large beef curtains too. Check out Nicole's profile labia pics, you could resole your shoes with those labia lips!  ;)


Bloody hell! Those mam's are bigger than the mud flaps on my motor!  :yahoo:
Banning reason: Undesirable

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Offline Turtle Z

Can't understand why no one has mentioned this WG in a thread on large labia...    https://www.adultwork.com/699366

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Even ignoring her totally incredible labia, in my humble opinion, Nicole Du P is a really lovely lady who does her very best to make all her clients welcome and satisfied..
Great sense of fun but really down to earth. A true babe
Uncle Pokey

I have to agree. Saw her several years ago on her '3 hours for the price of 2" and it was almost 4 hours before she let me 'crawl out' totally exhausted.
Thing I liked at the start was I did the usual of offering the money in an envelope and she said 'put it on the table and you can take it with you if you don't have a good time'.
Thing I liked at the end was she'd done to me everything I'd ever wanted and some she wanted...  I foolishly said "I'll try anything once" while chatting after my second 'cum'.
'Tie and tease' then and she had me tied on the bed, vibrator up my bum against the prostate, while she rode me cowgirl, with occasional face sitting so I could suck those lovely lips...
She had me on the brink of my 3rd 'event' for ages, while she enjoyed herself riding me and came several times. Then she turned up the vibe and I became a bucking bronco for 5 minutes of orgasm..
Very intense. Love to go back but not sure my heart would survive another session ... but it would be a great way to go! :wacko:

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