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Author Topic: Peppermint Palace  (Read 608 times)

Anyone remember The Peppermint Palace on Holloway Head, Birmingham
There was a stunning Polish girl called Julia and a half white/half Asian chick called Selina, they were both excellent.. This was in 2008, the days before the Romanians flooded the market( note : there are some superb Romanians out there bytheway :thumbsup:)

Offline Juankerr

Peppermint Palace, that's a blast from the past!! I remember the place but never ended up going.

Offline Ming

The only place called peppermint I know is in Pattaya Thailand, it's a GoGo bar  :music: and it's absolutely manic with nude young Thai girls running around, oh happy memories  :drinks:

I must go back before dementia sets in!! :crazy:

Ming  :hi:

Only went there the once back in 2006.  Penny's in Selly Oak was my parlour of choice then, but for some reason fancied a change so went to the Peppermint Palace.

There were just two girls working, one who seemed incredibly friendly and came straight over when I entered and another girl who was just sat on the sofa.  I do like black girls and the one on the sofa was black, so opted for her (probably a mistake!).  There was a Chinese lady working as the maid and I remember getting a beer and taken to the room and the girl soon joined me.  Her name was Kerry but when we were chatting she said how she was in this line of work so send money back to her family and kids in Jamaica.  Kinda killed everything for me.

Didn't stay long and never returned.  Also remember the wallpaper falling off the wall and it seemed a tad grotty! 

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