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Author Topic: Tiffany - Allure  (Read 661 times)

Offline Bengeo13

Do we have any info about this lady?
There's been a few Tiffany's along the way, is this a new one?

Offline xcyprinex

 Skinny, no kissing, owo, average service. I will not go back.

Offline jacklast123123

I seen Tiffany twice and found her to be very submissive, yes a bit skinny and no kissing but because she will do anything else ( OWO CIM ROLEPLAY ETC ETC ETC ) she is still worth a visit. Definitely a girl that wants to please.
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Offline themademan2

A review from both of you would be great for this lass  :thumbsup:
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Offline Rod trotter

Anar...howay lads if youve been try and get some sort of review up

It helps many in the long run
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