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Author Topic: Horny Xtina  (Read 477 times)

7 review(s) for Horny Xtina (4 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

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https://www.adultwork.com/3246905 or https://www.adultwork.com/Horny+Xtina

Duration: 30mins for £60

Comms: Quick & clear.

Location: She was at Old Street, but has recently moved to a nice private apartment in aldgate/whitechapel area.

She's Brazillian, not English as advertised but she speaks excellent English with a nice sexy hint of a latin accent mixed there, it's really sexy.

Looks: Very good looking, barely had any makeup on and was still looking amazing, type of girl you'd feel proud to be with in public. I must say her pics on AW are abit overexaggerated, her ass in AW looked really bigger than it was, not to say she had a small ass, she had a very big bouncy one, but just a very tiny bit exaggerated than her pics. Her tits also looked abit bigger in her pics, in her pics she looks like atleast an E, but she was more a D in real.

The good:
*Very very very enthusiastic. I normally have a problem with WG's complaining i'm too big/long for them, but she took everything I gave her like a champ. She kept telling me she loved my dick, but it was abit too long for her, she said she loves thicker dicks than longer ones and made a joke about me becoming a pornstar and if she was maybe longer/taller she would enjoy it even more haha.
*Blowjob was amazing, she sucks more than uses her hands and when she does use her hands, she does that twisty thing where she twists her hands in opposite directions around my dick while sucking, had to tell her to stop cause she was wayyyyy too into it and didn't wanna nut too quickly.
*Cowgirl was amazing, if you cum quickly, you may want to avoid this, she does that move where she kinda leans forward and repeatedly slams her body into me.
*Mirror in her room. She has a full body mirror in her room, so while getting her from doggy it's a bloody nice view to position the mirror and watch yourself fuck her. Her facial reactions are simply perfect, reminded me of a pornstar. It was also a nice view cause as I was getting her from behind you could see her ass bouncing from the sides of her body through the mirror. Felt like a real pornstar.
*When I had her in missionary & doggy, she kept talking real dirty 'fuck me papi' etc, with that latin accent, I think I almost cummed from hearing papi alone lol.
*truly sexy, I think she had green eyes? not sure but it fit her body and personality perfectly. Also the red hair was just something else itself for me, truly was sexy.

The bad:
*No OWO as advertised - although I didn't ask and as another punter reviewed she did.
*Timing issue. Basically I called at 2:30 to make a booking, she told me she had a booking soon and would be free at 4, so I asked to book for 4, she texted me for confirmation, I confirmed.
She then calls me at around 3:15, saying she was free now and if I would want to come earlier for 3:30, I said fine and started making my way over. I get there just before 4. Buzz in, she lets me in. She tells me she thought I wasn't going to come because I hadn't contacted her back since she last called me at 3:15 (I was on the train en route) and that she made another booking instead, but she took me in because she didn't want to disappoint me.

So basically because of this last point the whole service was really rushed, throughout the whole session, she tried to make me cum quick (which wasn't easy for her as I can only make myself cum when i'm ready), said I couldn't have shower in 30min sessions.
Ended up spending only 20mins there as her other client kept on ringing her phone.

But we spoke after, told me she was leaving in 3 months (February), going to school in Germany.

Overall neutral rating, because of being rushed, but in a way I kinda understand, because I know that i've called a WG before and not turned up, so if for her this is a usual thing, it's understandable to assume and book another client instead.

I may be back for an hour session, as she was really enthusiastic and I want to experience her when things aren't as rushed.

Apart from the time issue, she's simply amazing, would make an amazing pornstar.

7 review(s) found for Horny Xtina linked to in above post (4 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

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Glad to hear you had a great time also! She's a real good fuck/punt

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