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Author Topic: HannahSexy Imperial Wharf  (Read 1323 times)

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October 2015

Duration: 30 min for 80£

Comms: Firstly easy with text messages then very difficult to find her apartment

Location: 1Bed Clean Apt in new development near Imperial Wharf, Actually it looked more like
5*serviced apartment rather than private apartment

Looks/Body: I give her 7 from 10 because her body is hot slim more model looking BUT her fake tits
are like hard little rocks..i am not an expert but i can imagine a different shape (not really being gentleman now)

Personality: 6/10 she was like in those latin america tele-novels quite fake
Service: I felt like being in factory for sex pleasure...will explain below...

I came originally for 1 hour but I could not find the place even she was explaining me the way via phone...
Finally I got there, passed old lady (I assume it was a pimp)...who opened the door and find myself
in a en-suite room which reminded me more hotel rather than apartment...
Then Hannah came and she was very straight forward..Told me that I am late and we could not enjoy full hour as she was expecting another guesst...so we agreed 30min...that moment I should call it off as I was feeling bit tired and also pissed off that i could not find the bloody place..

She was so in hurry that I had to skipp the shower and we went straight to bed..she pull out the hygienic wipe and cleaned my weapon of love..that was the first athmosphere killer...second one was when she remainded my that we in hurry and third when she started to blow my friend with the condom (dont mind the condom just technique was poor)...I finally got hard and proceeded with my favourite doggy style...I have to say her ass is very firm and athletic + slim legs really like a model from a magazine..so this back view gave me a bit of sexual apetite...this was soon killed by fake moaning...towards the end she started to ask me if i am ready to shoot my juice of life..

i was like what the hell is this...she stopped turned and lied below me expecting to accept my load...her bad luck was that i had my tanks loaded fully so when i fired, it covers her and pretty much her bed and lamp as well...she started to panic (expecting another punter in 5min)...and she was cleaning everything around while i took a shower..quickly dressed and went home...waste of time but at least a new experience...

Negative because it was rushed service and with 0 sexual energy...

1 review(s) found for Carol Dantes linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Online Stonecold

Imperial Wharf is also full of whores these days. I was in the area and in my 45mins there spotted 5 known agency whores.

Offline jacy100

Imperial Wharf is very local, anyone have any other suggestions of lassies in residence there?

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