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Author Topic: Grace of Naughty Northern Escorts - Darlington  (Read 1553 times)

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I booked a 1 hour incall with Grace at the NNE Darlington flat, on a foul, wet and windy November day.

I was greeted by Grace, looking stunning, already down to her pretty undies and with the bedroom heater stoked up to  tropical levels. Two reasons to discard my woolly jumper, and everything else!

Grace is young, fresh faced and extremely pretty. Someone else has remarked that she resembles Ellie Goulding, but with a rounder face, and I would second that. Maybe, in her face and build, she even has a touch of Jenna Coleman (the late lamented Clara off Doctor Who). It might be hard, but perhaps imagine our Jenna, with a north eastern accent, long blonde hair, stretched out on the bed in her scanties and wearing little more than a tattoo on her thigh; legs and moist lips invitingly parted. Whoaah!

Anyhow, I digress. ;)

After seeing just one regular recently, this was my first time with a new girl for some months.  I had been feeling strangely apprehensive, hadn’t slept well the previous night, and wasn’t  my normally garrulous self.

After a brief exchange of info, we got down to business. I normally enjoy a bit of “getting to know you” time first, but Grace wasn’t messing about. If anything, I was the one holding back. After some exploratory kissing and smooching, she said she had a feather in her bag, which we both used to good effect, tickling and stroking each other.

Although she told me she smokes, her breath was fresh (as was her very tidy, rather beautiful and tasty undercarriage) and the kissing was great.
Then into reverse oral, 69 and then owo on me, which she is extremely good at. I had to ask her to slow down so I didn’t pop too early. Then condom on, cowgirl, missionary, butterfly, a failed attempt at doggy (my fault – I couldn’t get the angle right) then finished back in missionary, with her legs wrapped around me. She is tight and enthusiastic, and a terrific mover.

Normally after I have done my single pop, I like to have some time cuddling and winding down, or basking in the afterglow if I may. And I always keep a careful eye on the time since the appointment actually started.

By this point, we still had 20 minutes to go, and Grace apologized that she had come over rather sleepy. I could empathize as, quite often, after a really good shag, I feel the same way and even partially seem to lose the power of speech. 

Next thing I knew, we were both fully dressed and back in the kitchen, Grace showing off her multitasking abilities by making herself a cuppa, glancing at the telly, and playing with her phone, whilst still chatting to me. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I began to feel just slightly miffed that we were still well within the booked time and I was no longer the focus of her undivided attention. There didn’t seem to be anything much else for me to do, so I put my coat on, excused myself and let myself out, with 10 minutes still remaining on the clock.

But that’s a very minor niggle. She’s a gorgeous girl, both in face and body. She is very proud of her new fake boobs. Although I’m not normally a fan of implants, hers looked spectacular, especially when looming over me, brushed by her long blonde locks, whilst  bucking and grinding in cowgirl. Another one to add to my bank of cherished mental punting images....

She was warm, sensual, friendly, straightforward and eager to please.

And the sex was good. Not just good  – it was blooming fantastic.

Would I see her again? Probably yes. Maybe not for a dinner date, given the disparity in our ages and cultural backgrounds.  But as a way to spend slightly less than an hour, on a wet November afternoon, the experience would be hard to better. :)

But you didn't get the full hour's worth...?

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