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Author Topic: Elena Cougar  (Read 357 times)


I tried to make a Booking by call, so she said that I should text
When I noted that she was a Porn Star and GangBang Girl in the UK and also Holland, I wanted to try and arrange something.
I tried sending an sms on a couple of occasions, the tone of which was not rude but more than acceptable.
Her response was, "Bye" on 2 occasions
Alert: The authenticity or legitimacy of this member's profile has been brought into question. Please exercise caution. (more info.)
These are the words that appear on her Profile
I tried Google her name and got nothing. I tried to find out her real name and got no response

Offline badsin

Bareback, gives and recieves hardsports- definitely one to avoid- all the signs of a scammer without the private gallery :hi:

Offline hexohm

"Exercise caution etc" is only because the profile is very new and not verified.  Although calling herself a cougar at 20??

Wouldnt trust it myself

Offline Bigowl

What do you mean by hardsports


Shiting on ya amongst other things

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