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I had some good times here years ago . I've not been for years

I was shocked how badly downhill the place has gone . It's not that far off looking like a smack den .
There was a choice of about 15 women . I chose Sadie a 27 year Bulgarian .

Cost was £5 in and £60 for half an hour .

She walked me into a room where 2 girls where smoking. The girls left . There was an ash tray full of fag nubs . No towel was used on the bed . The bad sheet had one large wet patch on it and looked very dirty . The decor was dreadful . There was holes in the walls and the door looks like it's been kicked in about 20 times .

Sadie was friendly enough but a bit  robotic . Blow job was not very good and only lasted 20 secs . Normally I would request longer but it was not good ebough to bother .sex was pretty good . I got her to go on top then done her missionary . The smell of fags was making me feel sick so I was happy to get the job over and done with . Sadie was very friendly and polite and if the place was not so bad I would have not left a negative review

I've probably been to this place about 20 times in thr past but there's no way I would consider visiting again . I've lost all faith in Birmingham parlours .
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She did tell me the other rooms were busy and that room does not normally get used . I wish I had stayed at home and had a bloody good wank

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Meant to put review on here but as it was so unmemorable hard to write much. I agree the place is a dump and has the look of dingy parlour in some Hollywood film. I have been to a lot of parlours and definitely the worst. Unfriendly atmosphere and disinterested girls. Worth chucking in another twenty and going to a decent indie for half an hour

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There's no way I would ever consider visiting again .non of the girls were above 8/10 .


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Here here...Bunny, it's about time some of these establishments were exposed for what they are...ditto Kitty and Co. in Stirchley. I'd rather have a good 'bate' to cam-girls on the internet!

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Smack den..haha, priceless and perfect discription of the place. I went there in Feb this year after Libras got shut down, shagged some fit looking polish or Russian redhead. However the place was a hole, felt like you'd catch something just by walking in the place. Lord only knows what they would do if there was a fire :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown:

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I cant believe you went in that room. Sounds like the staff room. I would have insisted on the VIP room and had her wait
until it was free if needs be. I have done that before. They have 2 or 3 awful rooms, some with a mattress on a box as the bed.

My regular girl has gone back to Eastern Europe, so now there is only one girl in Bluebell Suite who I would see. (Alina).

If she is not available I'd walk and go to Annabels. There is one girl I would see there, and if she isnt working,
I'd walk again. The night parlours are a lottery - mostly EE girls and no extras. Better off waiting until daylight when
The Studio or Blue Ice is open.

1st Class and New Ambassadors are to be avoided. But if you aren't happy or have a bad feeling just walk away.

Better to forfeit the door fee than go through with a crap session.