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Author Topic: sexy tiffany - Glasgow  (Read 948 times)

Offline solway

Anyone seen her recentlBoxy of anew a gel.

Offline Courtney

Anyone seen her recentlBoxy of anew a gel.

.........you been drinking?  :lol:

Offline auldie63

I'll take a pint of whit he's been swallyin'

Offline solway

Sorry boys , had a good night on the bevvy - just wondered if anyone had seen the delightful Tiffany recently.

Offline seeker

I saw Tiffany last week ...
Still in my top 5 ....
Ow   but fantastic method ....
Excellent punt.

Offline Roger De Her

She always has been eh?  It is a pity about the OW but she seems unwaverable on this!  She gets so horny when she's turned on too!!!!  Its always a delight.... Its a shame she so seldom comes to theCapital!!
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