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Author Topic: How many punts?  (Read 1755 times)

Offline Urban_G

I've lost count in the 20 odd years I've punted, but more recently I have started keeping a record of who I see, date, cost (punt only, no other associated costs), length of time spent and the girl's AW member number. Mainly did this just to see how much I was spending and how frequently.

Last year I had 34 punts, this year I'm up to 32 with a month to go.
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Offline Dipper

Kin ell, there's some serious wonga floating around here.

If its a hobby you enjoy then somehow you find the funds!  :thumbsup:

Roughly 300 in the last 4 years,about half of those are soho walk up punts to keep costs down! :D

Offline Littlefoot

I'll exclude the handful of punts I had in the 1980s, as they weren't proper punting to me. More lads nights out in Amsterdam! But I'd estimate there were  around 40!

Only started punting seriously since May 2016. Since then, must have had 100+ punts. Reviewed most. But the rest are made up of girls I've seen more than once. One girl I saw 20+ times!

Coming up to 100. I keep a document of who, where, looks and quality of service. If its a regular different outfits and things done.
I do similar for civvies especially as women like to lie about when you last did it. Oh and special one for civvies their fucking excuses. Serious business shagging is!

Offline McSwell

Upto the end of last year I punted at my favourite parlour every week for about 8 years.

Unfortunately the plod closed it so the routine was broken.

Haven't been able to get back into the swing of things since but I'm working on it.


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