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Author Topic: Busty Candy - W2  (Read 897 times)

6 review(s) for ^Busty Candy^ (4 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

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(Dead A.W profiles included to link previous reviews)

After reading Illya Kurakin’s review, I called Busty Candy. The call went unanswered and diverted to her voice mail. I didn’t leave a message. She called me back, not something that is always recommended, but it was within a minute of my call. She sent me a text with her address and confirmed the appointment time. She spoke fluently and asked me to send a text if I had to cancel for any reason.

Candy was working from a an apartment in a salubrious part of West London, five minutes’ walk from Paddington, well served by National Rail and TFL routes. Parking in the area did not look to be encouraged, nor easily achieved without a residents permit.

She was staying in a small studio bedsit on the top floor of a serviced apartment block. As was mentioned previously the buzzer was not working so she had to come down several flights of stairs to let me in after I rang her. The shower was small and the towel was tiny, but both did the job.

Candy looked slightly shorter and older than I had imagined. I had requested a general look/outfit via text, which she agreed to. She greeted me wearing gym clothes. I would have been extremely satisfied had that been my request. Sadly it was not. I had asked for much more classic, some might say almost 'standard working’ gear. I didn’t bother mentioning it to her. ‘Tom London’s’ post contained in the thread below, suggests that she has some ‘form’ in this respect:


She is attractive, not stunning, had long brunette hair and minimal make up, no lipstick as I recall. I returned from the shower to find her completely naked laying on the bed, playing with her Samsung. That is not a euphemism. Personally I would have preferred to see her take off her underwear, unleashing her breasts. She looked great, her globes were glorious. Lying down she looked voluptuous. She was chewing gum, but I could still smell cigarette smoke on her breath. Upon my request she removed her gum so that we could enjoy prolonged French kissing. We indulged in OWO, RO, sex in a couple of positions and her responses seemed genuine throughout, though not much feedback. She cleaned me up after I ejaculated. In my experience many girls just hand one a wet wipe.
As others have said she is chatty, intelligent with a good grasp of English. She said that she would be back in the UK in January, but was not sure exactly when. Neither of us showered after the session, we simply got dressed. She put her gym wear back on. I am not sure that this bodes well either for me or her subsequent customers. Other girls that I have seen, have remain undressed as I have left, at least giving the impression that they were perhaps off for a wash/shower in my absence prior to their next encounter.

I would recommend her, I may well see her again in 2016 should the opportunity arise. For me the negatives are that she appears not to comply with basic outfit requests and is a smoker. On the positive side she is attractive, easy to communicate with, had a good personality and a great body. I appreciate that Candy will not be around for a while and that some of the information in this review will no longer be valid, but hope that it provides something useful for those who are considering a meeting with her in the future.

6 review(s) found for ^Busty Candy^ linked to in above post (4 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

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