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Author Topic: kinkyaleha / Indian 20 y/o  (Read 556 times)

Offline jonloops

Arranged a booking with her for 11 this morning.
Call her for exact address and she ignores me completely and does not respond to texts whatsoever.

Offline PLeisure

If you had a definite booking then post a review on the London Reviews board, please. This site operates best on valuable intel re: a WG's service.  :hi:

Or, to put it another way.... if you had read a review on this WG, alerting UKP that she is a No Show, would you have gone ahead and booked her?
Possibly not. Hence the importance of flagging up bad service.
More here: https://www.puntingwiki.com/wiki/Guide_to_UKP_review_writing

One thing..... she charges £110/hr for covered oral. Is that what you were happy to pay?

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