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Author Topic: Chesterfield/North East Derbyshire  (Read 1109 times)

I'm new to this site but certainly like what I'm reading - good, no-nonsense advice and sensible reviews. I live in Dronfield so I get into Sheffield for a punt usually every 10 days, or so. I'm interested in recommendations on girls working in the Chesterfield and the north-east derbyshire areas plus Bakewell and Matlock who offer good value and are enthusiastic about their work, primarily 18-30 but also any old lovelies will get my hard-earned dosh. Any advice on who to see - and who to avoid - will be much welcomed. Thank-you.

Offline NIK

There aren't any.
Only a few old wrinklies maybe.

Offline RedKettle

yea keep going to Sheffield, or get yourself down to Nottingham or Derby.

However if you find a good un in Bakewell do let me know  :drinks:

This is what I would do and may, possibly, solicit a better response here.

Go to AW and run a proximity search, using a postcode and selecting one or more subcodes for the localities you are interested in. You may have to do this for more than one top level postcode.

Use other criteria to better filter your results to what you're interested in.

Identify candidate girls.

For each one, check the AW feedback and run an UKP search on the ID number.

Two things may happen -

    There is a mention on UKP with useful information, or even better, one or more reviews. If this helps pursue punt, or seek more information.

    There is no mention on UKP - trust your judgment and TOFFT, or seek advice of UKP, always posting the link.



Thank-you...as a newcomer to the site, I appreciate the advice :)

Offline RedKettle

Love a good bakewell tart :)

cannot believe I missed that joke - I even mentioned Bakewell in my reply!!!

although using AW you are more likely to get a Bakewell pudding :D

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Offline steveinbox

Good BJ but I only met her for a short appointment. She seems nice. She works from home in the middle of a residential estate, so I was concerned at neighbours spotting the same car a few times.

Offline scott1601

Cheers Steve,

Only planning a short visit initially, then decide if its worth making a return visit

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