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Author Topic: A plea to all serious Adultwork advertisers  (Read 1867 times)

Offline Ben4454

Roleplay. Mentioning that they do it, then when you e-mail them asking for a meet including it, they agree to it, then flake out with bullshit on the day of booking.

Also escorts who claim they hate timewasters and mess arounds, however they themselves do this to punters. This happened to me a few times this year. And they mentioned it on their profiles.


Currently facing this right now. Due to bad form booked a unknown prossie via booking system after a phone exchange. Prossie acted very professional. As soon as the booking went through e-mails/calls have been ignored. Tried to cancel booking electronically but there doesn't seem to be an option. profile is full of hoops to jump through. (e-mail me at a specific time/ phone day and before and do things in a very specific and certain way) The rules of the profile change. So if you do not look at the profile the rules change and she can justify a negative review. Unfortunately i am tied into this now so will see how it plays out.

Have to agree with the roleplay scenarios. I have had every single punt cancel the day before when mentioning a roleplay. I suspect they think a vanilla punt will be easier.
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'call me any time' they write or maybe 'we must speak on the phone before you book', but then they do not display a phone number.
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