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Author Topic: Michaela Schmeja - London - Positive for me but maybe not for others  (Read 977 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2632920 or https://www.adultwork.com/Michaela+Schmeja

Friends, after many months of lurking, this is my first review on UKP.  Please be gentle with me.  And although this was a largely positive experience for me, it may not be for you.  Please read the whole review to decide.

Michaela looks great in her pics, even though there is no face pic.  Her comms were good and I discovered that in real life, she is even better-looking.  A raunchy-looking mixed-race MILF with a deep, horny voice, and wearing corset and nice lingerie.  When the lingerie came off, I nearly fainted at the sight of her natural tits with long suckable nipples and the shaved pussy with a nice little trimmed tuft of pubes on the mound.  I wanted to fuck all her holes, and especially her arse.  (Her profile emphasizes her love of anal.)

But she had other ideas and this is where you may want to think carefully.  Since I adored her pussy (dark outside, gorgeous pink on the inside - yum yum!), she fed it to me in different positions and I really loved the constant stream of unbelievably dirty talk  as I licked and slurped.  She then started wanking me and when I said that I was a one-pop man and wanted to come in her arse (protected, needless to say), she said, oh never mind, just cum and I'll make sure that you cum a second time.  So she wanked me to climax, and I can truthfully say that my spunk has never spurted out with such force, not even when I was younger.  A great experience and I gave her a decent feedback on AW (whilst mentioning that we did not get to A).

But then she left the room and upon returning, said we needed to wrap things up because the owner of the flat was coming back very soon.  I was really disappointed but deciding not to get into a dispute, showered, dressed and left.  When leaving the flat, I did see a young woman standing near the door with a wheelie suitcase.  So maybe it was not a hoax, but it was still unprofessional to use a flat that was not really available.

Add to that the lack of a pussy-fuck, no DFK, no anal (which I had told her was my prime requirement) and a fee of 200 GBP for 1 hr. and you may think I am crazy to give her a positive.  But I did have a great time and if I had the money, I would see her again.  Strange, I know, but looks and dirty talk do matter for me, and she scored top marks from me on those two vital points.  And that pussy was truly something else.  I have been punting for many years and I have never enjoyed RO this much.

Sorry to give you such a strange review as my first contribution but I have tried to write as honestly as I could.  Let us hope that my next punts are less bizarre - and cheaper! 


2 review(s) found for Summer Holiday linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

I have seen her as well (though on an RB at a lower rate) and think this a very fair review. I would describe her as bossy and professional. If you see her again make sure you do what you want!

Offline Jimmyredcab

£200 an hour for an old black lady who doesn't show her face, not for me in a zillion light years.   :thumbsdown:

Offline king tarzan

No kissing ar all and £200 no way!!!!!

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