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Author Topic: elizabethxxxelise anyone?  (Read 1350 times)

Heres her profile: https://www.adultwork.com/2988901 or https://www.adultwork.com/elizabethxxxelise

Searched on here but didnt pick anything up (that couldnt have already been said via a name change of course).

I know they are clearly professionally taken, photoshopped pictures, and she is of original origin which will raise a few eyebrows no doubt but she is very cute. I never really go for someone who has lots of feedback on there from loads of reviewers with only one or two of their own feedback, always looks a bit suspect as a pattern.

If anyone on here has had the pleasure (or not, however it may be) I would be grateful for the intel.


Hi sutton.

I found her on available today, independantly of you and I also checked UKP and found nothing. In these cases I check her AW fluffy feedback .

Well the most recent was fluff by Sid Ray, doesnt tell you anything . BUT, he has seen lexy and cathy the famous one. Not in itself a recommendation but at least you know that the Sid guy is legit.

Not a lot of help but some comfort if you proceed. I probably would when I next punt....   :hi:

The more recent photos look a bit like she may have once been a man.

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