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Author Topic: Shemale Escort on Tour in Glasgow Advertising as a Woman!!!  (Read 2500 times)

Offline nike

"Nike". .... By all accounts  you're supposed to be fast!!

Try some other pages in your daily rag, eg:


....sorry, wasn't really trying to be interlectural, no, intirlektyooril, no antielickurinal, .... Och whatever, forget-it,  not important.


... But, more importantly, did ye shag. Her .. Him .. It ???  .....and...????
I'm not in the uk at the moment, so not really on the ball about current events, in uk.
If ur refering to the girl in picture, i posted, no. If ur refering to the Brazilian in blair st sauna, then yes I did and it was only after thoughts that made me think it might have been a man. I would like to shag a post op ts but I either have not found one that I find attractive, yet or I haven't got up the courage yet.
At the moment I'm recovering from a two week shagfest in Morocco, another day of rest and back to Marrakech for some more action.

Offline Roger De Her

Naw, I was referring to Sophia, but no really seriously.

Lucky you, enjoy the moroccans,  jus be careful bout gettin on any Russian Planes!
Banning reason: Complaining about thread warning punters about criminal prossie

Offline RandyF


https://www.adultwork.com/3204065 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sophie+Naughty+Girl

Funnily enough Nike, He/She/it also refuted my suggestion, and forwarded me the above link, to their "website" ... Haven't re-checked this, but am certain in my researching at the time (30/10) there was a link to a video .... Actually I've jus rechecked  :the video link is on this "backpage" link. Make up your own mind Nike,  but I reckon you'll see where I'm coming from.
Heres the last text I got:
"Not darling I'm woman. But if you want a Transex I have one friend, I can call her to enjoy us, she is pre-op . She have a big one for you! 😘"



In the name of Jesus look at the state of this fruit.  My half daft, hairy arsed Uncle Kenny that works in the slaughterhouse has more feminine charms that this hombre :rolleyes:

I'd post this geezer on the mega mincer tranny thread on the main board mate, he tours and apart from anything else he's treating punters with contempt.

See what I mean OP Firebird, about these fuckers being at it constantly???  Swinging from the rafters, flaunting their inside-out bawbags :hi:
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Offline auldie63

When they turn the bawbag in does the hair keep growing? As that wid be a sure way of telling, I don't see how they could shave it.

Offline nike

When they turn the bawbag in does the hair keep growing? As that wid be a sure way of telling, I don't see how they could shave it.

With you Auldie, I'm never sure if you jest or are serious. But good one.

Offline oldboy73

I imagine they'll have electrolysis on their sack before it gets shoved up!

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