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Author Topic: Jessica massage gateshead  (Read 4287 times)

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Found via gumtree

Larger lady (guess around size 18) and average looking, im guessing mid thirties but im shit at ages

Venue clean and tidy room off of a hairdressers, walked in 5 min before appointment and was greated immediately by jess,   didn't feel eyes in me from hairdressers staff...

Massage very good and firm,  found the knots and worked them out. Bit of attention paid to balls and bum.  Then offered erotic massage for 50 for the hour all in, accepted. She got her tits out and offered them for sucking. Nice pair. She gave decent teasing hand relief with a bit of attention to my ring and ball licking. Left happy and 5 min after time. Apparently she is moving to felling soon.

Overall, nice lass and decent service but probably not everybodys cup of tea.

Thanks good review sounds very much mu cup of tea


Offline rd1988

I've just been to see this lady, now in Felling. Saw the add on Gumtree, which offers different er last night and got a price for the service. She asked f I wanted to be naked which I agreed to, and told her she could massage me all over (hoping she got the hint).
When I arrived, she was one of the few places in the street without any shutters up, but I guess it is Wednesday afternoon.
I undressed and lay down ready, and she gave me an intimate shave. I'm pleased with that as I hoped it would give her an excuse to touch - she did but only to move bits out of the way.

Then came the massage. I started face down and she rubbed all over with oil, including a few swipes to rub my balls. I quite enjoyed that, and in my head assumed that she was gearing up for HE. I rolled over and she did my front, with a few rubs into my groin, but not the penis. I wasn't bothered about the massage, I was just waiting for her to offer. She kept asking if I was ok with it, and I said it was nice.
In the end, no HE offered which was disappointing. She certainly didn't get undressed.The massage was 'OK', although the room she did it in was was out the back of the shop, and I could hear delivery vans unloading through the wall.

Overall, I came out disappointed and sticky with oil. I'll be honest, I only arranged it based on previous reviews, and of course you hate to ask in case they get annoyed before hand. I had dropped small hints while texting her, so either she's not offering the service, you need to be bling and ask, for previous reviews were exaggerated. No idea, but I feel £45 lighter.

First point is that she is extremely unattractive. She does however do a decent massage and I have had pretty extensive service from her short of full service. Either she has altered her services or she was not in the mood on the day you visited.

Can anyone post the link for her from Gumtree I can't seem to find it thanks

Offline Looking4fun

Can anyone post the link for her from Gumtree I can't seem to find it thanks
Call me cynical but your kidding right?

Online alfie2013

Can anyone post the link for her from Gumtree I can't seem to find it thanks

Hmmm, self promotion springs to mind . As soon as you google Jessica massage Gateshead her gumtree advert comes straight up.  :thumbsdown:
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Offline DannyWatt

Is this the same girl that calls herself Lucy.?

You found this site, joined and posted your one and only comment....all within 2 hours. Of all the ladies on here with great reviews and feedback  ...why do you want a link to a fat, ugly minger?    HHhhmmmm....?

Can anyone post the link for her from Gumtree I can't seem to find it thanks

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