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Author Topic: Hell Angel - hell no  (Read 309 times)

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So. Forget plan C.... Or D. This is scraping the bottom of the barrel stuff. No one else was available currently or answering phone, idiot girl (granny?) here did.

I asked if available... Yes. Cool, how much is the hour, with "A" included? And she started laughing at me.

"are you crazy" she asked.... Why? "you want anal?? You want I do it to you??"

I replied "no, thank you, for me on you?"

More laughter as a reply... "you are idiot", she said... I simply replied, have a nice day and a good weekend, and hung up.

I suspect that I should change this to positive, as she probably saved me from a lot of self loathing and crying myself to sleep tonight  for ever having touched her.

Actually, scratch that, I think I'll go cry into a pint for actually calling her in the first place...

Giving up for today.

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Count yourself lucky!

Saw her last week - shit punt it was  :thumbsdown:

Cheers fella! I don't feel so bad now :D

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Because no booking was made, it has to be in this section rather than a review.

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