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Author Topic: Sasha from Maxes Angels  (Read 1422 times)

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Offline Eiltedongster


Date: May 2015

Price: 200 for 1 hour

I had seen Sasha once before, the experience got me curious for more so I booked again.

Sasha is supposedly a mixed race girl but to me she looks caucasian. Anyway She's about 5.5 , 5.6 but in heels she's like 5.10. I was a little early but she didn't seemed to mind and greeted me warmly.

We went upstairs of her new pad in EC London, very nice place too. She was dressed in lingerie with a kimono thing over the top. We sat down and began chatting about all sorts of things, she had just returned from a stint in Dubai I think and she was telling about that.
Kind of got the feeling that she wasn't fully committed to escorting and had her eye on an exit.

At this stage I noticed she was rather tanned and that her boobs had gone down a size, I asked her to confirm and she said yes, because they were " too big ". I complained I liked them the way they were. In fact I would say her looks have gone a little, when I saw her back in 2013, I thought she very hot, slim with big tits but not now, now she is tanned with smaller boobs but still attractive.

Anyway, it was time for business, I took a shower in her very clean bathroom and entered into her bedroom, she was in bed fully nude and I was extremely randy by then so I dived in and went for her luscious tits first, I  did my usual mauling up there but I noticed the operation scars , definitely preferred the old tits.

Then I did not ask for no BJ but just mounted her and thrusted my cock into her face region and she took my mid-size hard on BBJ with surprising gusto. I started to fuck her face til I was fully hard. I then slipped on the ol condom and did her missh style.

Wasn't long before I was making that hard popping sound ...... raaaa POPPPP, POPPP, POPPP... etc. I could see the smile on her face as she enjoyed my fucking, though she was trying to control it a bit. As the Popping got LOUDER, I began to cum and let out a loud grunt.  Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! Something like that.

After we finished she said OOO that was good ... I just responded with an unexpected childish giggle as I did not want to let on how pleased I was at that.

Though I enjoyed it I won't return as 200 for 1 pop is too steep, better value to be found elsewhere.

overall: 7/10
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Offline Corey302

For me, any girl at Maxes who is charging £200/hour needs to be offering anal as standard - basically like they used to. Otherwise what makes them worth any more than all the other girls on aw?
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Offline Eiltedongster

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Offline brill

I think she is really good fun to be honest. shame about 1 pop though.... her rimming really is a winner.
i was thinking of seeing her Monday, but trying to relax on these 200-250 per pop WGS

Offline Eiltedongster

A mixed race specialist I see.
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