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Author Topic: Anyone seen Sammy2014 in Leeds- looks good?  (Read 648 times)

Offline puntingexpert

Hi all, there isnt much mention of sammy2014 on here, she does have some AW ratings (but we all know about them!).  Has anyone seen her, looks good value for money, and not bad looking either.

Thanks in advance.
Banning reason: Previously banned troll (ftorrres)

Offline puntingexpert

Banning reason: Previously banned troll (ftorrres)

Offline bod666

Not seen her but the red flags are Romanian (so expect disinterested non-gfe) backed up by kissing not being on her likes list.

Saying that she could be the 1 in a million good Romanian service provider...

Offline p3ngu1n

Frequently Asked Questions...
Q. If I park                              A. yes 100%100 yes

What's she on about, is she offering a valet service!?   :sarcastic:

Offline shyjamal

Not good a bit tacky. No shower facilities charges extras for everything. Will not visit again.  She was also cant be asked attitude

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