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Author Topic: Abbi Lucious  (Read 1705 times)


I see the wonderful Abbi is back. It's a pity she is only doing outcalls but I will be watching closely to see if this changes. One of my earliest punts and still one of the best.  Welcome back Abbi.

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Looks lovely, shame only outcalls. :hi:
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Offline Tiger63

Lovely looking lass and seems very popular, but sent her 2 messages that have both been ignored.

Used to see her in Hebburn when she worked for Amour, the best girl in the area. her partner answers the phone but is ok what she does.

Offline Shutty238

Yes! Missed this lass. Had a great punt with her & her bloke a few years ago at her terrace in Shields. She was well into it, especially after her bloke finished earlier than intended & just sat back to watch & encourage.
Shame she never took her specs off though, wouldn't put them to good use either & take a facial but still a great girl.
I too will be keeping an eye out for incalls.

Offline nobo

She was up in Glasgow a while back  and a great girl. Also had a threesome with her a Lauren a Yorkshire girl. Good times :yahoo:

Offline DannyWatt

Christ. She is a double of one of the mothers whose kid goes to the same school as mine....

Offline Houdini

She's a great lass. Some didn't like her look with her glasses but I always thought she looked great and saw her several times. She is always very well presented, very clean and I think she must have OCD as her place was always very clean and tidy. Shame she is only doing out calls but her new place after she moved house was not so good for in calls. I think she used to book a hotel in Newcastle occasionally for some in calls after she moved.

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