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Author Topic: Ban Sakunee  (Read 728 times)

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Offline snaitram99

Sorry this was some time ago but hopefully still relevant.

Bus queue outside empty as a bus had just come but some idiot bloke with his family standing on pavement outside, pram in middle of pavement, not clear if he was waiting for a bus but then he started smoking a fag right outside their door! :rolleyes:  :rolleyes:

About to give up when they moved on. Went in, asked about massage, said £25 for 30 mins £45 hour. Thought blow it I'll ask for an hour and even if I only get massage I could do with it by now (had a disappointing day so far). Girl was called Jen Jen (nice looking enough, too slim to be Corus Boy's Mrs Happy from the description). Shown to very small, curtained off cubicle, told to take everything off (probably a good sign) and lie face down. Had very good massage (bum covered by towel), hard but with more manipulation than with Chinese. Never had Thai one before.

She had decent English. Had a little chit chat. I would guess late 20's poss 30's. Well into massage and without me really doing anything to suggest it, she said quietly "you want happy?" I had mentioned I'd had a Chinese massage so maybe that had caused her to think I might want more. Agreed £20 and she proceeded to massage on my front (still with towel but gradually moved out of way to access important appendage). Only downside was only touching outside of clothes.

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