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Author Topic: Welsh.Hotty aka the infamous Rita oral  (Read 911 times)

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As most of you guys know this girl has been discussed at length on this forum due to her constant name changes and new profiles almost daily.
I made a post a few days ago when I saw her re-appear after a couple months absence.
I have previously met her once for a 30 min booking on a flying visit to Cardiff. Having now moved back here I am finding my feet again with the local talent.

Having a slow day at work yesterday, I found myself looking at her profile and sent her a couple of texts which she responded to immediately. When she told me she loves giving blowjobs percy started taking an interest. We exchanged a few more texts and I ended up making a 30 min booking.

Communications were good, postcode was given in advance. The booking was after dark so there was no issue with nosy neighbours etc.
In the back of my mind I did wonder if her pimp was around but this turned out not to be the case, there was no sign of Sergi (or Dai).

Location is Ely in a flat which is on the ground floor and very discrete. I parked my car a couple of streets away outside a shop and text for the flat no. She buzzed me in on arrival and I entered the flat.
It was quite dark in the flat & she took me straight into the bedroom which was completely dark, the only light was coming from the large plasma TV which was on one of the music channels. Lucy apologised for the lack of bed, there was just a matress on the floor with sheets which she said were clean (and they did look clean, although as I said it was quite dark).

Lucy was nicely dressed in a pink bra with a seethrough top which just about covered her arse. No knickers  :thumbsup: She was very clean & smelt good.

I passed over the paperwork which she didn't check & put on the side. She immediately began stroking me & I undressed pretty damned quickly.
There was no messing around, a quick bit of kissing follwed by Lucy getting on her knees and started an excellent BJ.  :thumbsup:

This continued for around 10 mins before she asked me if I wanted to lie down. The BJ continued & I asked her if she wanted to suck my balls, she didn't need asking twice & managed both in her mouth while she wanked my cock.

After another 5 mins or so she asked if I wanted a condom, she put it on & assumed the doggy position which she said was her favourite. Who was I to argue? - I banged away for another 10 mins or so and had to stop a few times to stop myself from cumming. At one point when I stopped she asked if I had come, I replied no I want to save that for your mouth to which her reply was 'oh good'.

I asked her if she liked to be spanked which she didn't seem sure of, however she did seem to quite like being spanked and she has a cracking arse. It really is was a lovely view fucking her from behind. She told me she likes to have her hair pulled whilst being fucked from behind, again I was more than happy to please.

When I thought I couldn't hold back any longer I whipped off the condom & she lay down & played with herself whilst I wanked myself in between her sucking my cock & balls once more.

Onto the money shot & she took it in her open mouth & over her face with no problems at all. I haven't shot my load like that for sometime.

All in all an excellent way to spend 30 mins (although we ran over time and was in the flat around 40 mins).

Location:   Flat in Ely, clean, discrete

Flat: Clean, warm

Price £60 30 mins  £100 Hour

Girl Pretty enough, clean

Services As described above, all exellently delivered.

Kissing: I'm not really into DFK but I would say if you're clean & fresh then it's probably on offer.

Would I return? - Yes definitely

Once word of advice,  - I was freshly showered which was commented on, she said I smelt good too. She told me she only offers intimate services with the sqeaky clean. Go there in you scruffy overalls & unwashed and I think you may get a different experience.

I was asked on the other thread if I was offered a discount for leaving a review. This was not discussed at any point, I would not tell a girl I am a member of UKP even if I was asked.

On the name & profile changes, I put that down to the pimp who does her profile. She clearly doesn't have much of a clue what is going on. It's a shame really because she is a decent SP.

1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Lucy apologised for the lack of bed, there was just a matress on the floor with sheets which she said were clean (and they did look clean, although as I said it was quite dark).

Oh la la, love a seedy shag and my pet hate is the squeaky beds perfection.  Imagine this will put off a few of the more sensitive souls on here.

No sign of bluebird I assume ?  if he is there might see if we can rope him up and force him to watch like the cuckold pornos.

Online Redevil86

Good review, had a twitch, but then I've been there and as you discibed the action I could see it in my minds eye, so long as you had a good experience all's well. My problem would be the bed ! cartilage problems since the seventy's make a lot of things in life painfull, getting up off a mattress on the floor after mish being one of them .


She did mention that the lack of bed is because she is on the verge of moving out, so maybe just a temporary measure?

Online Corus Boy

Nice review 99.

Good to read something unbiased and not reading like a witch hunt.

I never had a problem with all the name changes, mostly because she kept the same profile number and photos, so it wasn't like she was trying to hide much.

The other stuff was bad though.

The fake reviews on here and the fake pics on her profile put me off. And her previously offering bareback means I'm out. I'd rather take my chances with Romanian Roulette.

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