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Author Topic: Chinese Medicine Centre - Sheffield  (Read 1208 times)

Hey, I was just wondering if anyone knew if Chinese Medicine Centre in Sharrow, Sheffield is still open?

I looked around the address and couldn't find anything so unless it's hiding somewhere really well or I'm just clueless.

So let me know guys!

think it is a restaurant now may have moved elsewhere.

If you know where it's moved, let me know! I've been to mirror talk and foot and body and want to try somewhere new in the city centre

The nearest in Sheffield is Phoenix spa Abbey lane.
They also have a succession of Chinese women.
These are older than those who were Sharrow which also was more a F.S place whereas at Phoenix F.S is rarely available.

Sharrow has F.S? I never knew this! How would I get it to happen?

Offline Ade65

Mike, are you after Oriental massages near city centre? Plenty of independents around.

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