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Author Topic: Cialis  (Read 586 times)

What sites are people using to buy Cialis? A lot of the ones mentioned in other posts are closed down (I had ordered from one before so know it was legit).

I use assured pharmacy , have had no issues at all with product or service.

Dr Fox is completely legit


I used to use Lloyds pharmacy before coming on here but switched to Dr Fox after someone posted the prices, which were a lot cheaper. Easy to sign up, discrete packaging & fast delivery.

Offline george r

any of the online chemists that show a registered pharmacy number are legit , I would not buy from non legit ,you could be swallowing who knows what ??

I use assured pharmacy , have had no issues at all with product or service.

That's who I use, they email me a 15% discount code every month too.

Offline Marmalade

Can you tell the difference between a legit and non-legit pharmacy in India (which also happens to be I think the world's biggest manufacturer of generics)?

Probably not (definitely not by eye), but given the choice between the 2 you may as well take the quality option unless money is particularly tight. These tablets don't break the bank.

Offline Marmalade

So how much do you pay for 3 x 20mg cialis? One 60mg generic costs just over a £1 and, if you need to hide it, is easier to hide and lasts a week of punts. Depends on your numbers, but do the math.

Offline Marmalade


just had a quick look at that one Steve and it's saying practically everything is 'out of stock'...

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