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Author Topic: Cleos of Highbridge  (Read 4702 times)

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Lots of places I've been to have three rooms and three girls on the go.
No doctors waiting room scenario though.

Maybe you and the other punters like the shared camaraderie? If so then good on you but I don't want to see anybody when I go into a massage parlour in case they know me or recognise me at a later date.
I should also note that I was waiting in there for over 30 minutes just waiting for someone I knew to walk in. Not good and not for me.

I don't like or dislike other punters seeing me - to be honest it doesn't bother me either way. I'd be zooming past on the M5, so unlikely to see someone I knew, but tbh I probably wouldn't punt on my own doorstep if I lived in a de-populated area.

To each their own. They seem to be successful in their own small way - so if you don't like - don't go!  :hi:

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