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Author Topic: English Lucie X - Bexleyheath  (Read 2607 times)

2 review(s) for English Lucie X (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

This is my first review and also an unreviewed girl so TOFTT.  :hi:


All comms done via text and seemed to be an actual person on the other end not the standard template shiet I often receive. Might have been about 2 hours between first contact and seeing her so that's a definite plus for me

Met her a few weeks ago in a hotel in Bexleyheath. Was a bit nervous as this was my first hotel meet but she had told me where the lifts were and which floor etc and I was to call her when I got there for the room number, I still don't understand this 'phone for house number/room number etc when on the street' business but I went with it anyway. Got to the lift and went up with 2 hotel staff, me feeling and probably looking nervous as fuck but they didn't arrest me so got to the floor and phoned for the room number.

Is she the girl in the photo's? it's hard to say as there aren't any face pics. Let me say that the photo's do show a girl next door kind of look which is what I was expecting but she was caked in makeup, fake eyelashes etc. I do like that dirrrrty girl look so wasn't at all upset but some may find it a tad misleading in spite of the lack of facepics.

Booked her for an hour at £150. She asked if I wanted kissing which I declined as I'm not a romantic but said that we can kiss without tongues as it just seemed proper if we were about to get sexual, however when I did kiss her on the lips she kind of just stayed still and let it happen rather than kiss back so not sure how her dfk would have been, but again for me I don't care

Got her top off in 0 minutes flat. Lovely boobs, a little sagged with age probably but still looking nice and feeling great. Went down on me for a bit then pushed me onto the bed. she got down on the floor for more sucking and gave me a titwank. Titwank was a bit crappy but blowjob was very nice. Advertises 'the art of the blowjob' and 'speciality deepthroat' but wasn't able to go all that deep, though she went as deep as she could a fair few times. No teeth though and one of the nicest blowjobs I've had in a long time, plenty of suction and spit. She asked if I wanted sex which I again declined as I had already mentioned during comms that I just wanted a BJ.

So why book for an hour? I'm one of those rare gems that take ages to cum, and I mean ages. I've had girls working on me for an hour only to say times up and I leave with blue balls. Lucie put in the effort and got the result. During comms I did specify that I wanted CIM and swallow which she said was fine but in the end she brought me climax with her hand which was a bit disappointing.

Looked like a filthy essex girl which gave me an instant boner
Brilliant BJ
nice boobs
Gave me 100% effort

hotel instead of flat
looks like a filthy essex girl which makes her AW profile misleading
knew I wanted CIM and swallow but probably also knew that I was in no position to argue so finished with handjob
Arse was a bit untoned and she was probably more chubby than her profile pics suggest (aren't they all)

Had a chat afterwards and seems like a nice girl etc. Would I see again, maybe. But I've not been back to see any girl twice. I wrote this as a neutral due to the ending but overall I'd say it was a positive experience as I left feeling happy so let's call it a just about positive for me, If she took it in the mouth this would have been my best punt yet

2 review(s) found for English Lucie X linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

I've added to my list cos she looks gorgeous but I wince at the 150 without CIM.

Always good to read of fair-priced English chicks near my ends.

Gonna wait for another view tho - questionable photos & untoned, chubby & sagging body parts don't appeal tbh...  :thumbsdown:

Hi has anyone heard from English Lucie been trying to call her number not working nor is there a profile on adultwork.com anyone been to see her recently

Offline KentAde

Hi has anyone heard from English Lucie been trying to call her number not working nor is there a profile on adultwork.com anyone been to see her recently

Why did you post the same on both threads?
...and the folks on here do like a nice, punctuated comment now and again!  :hi:

Hi has anyone heard from English Lucie been trying to call her number not working nor is there a profile on adultwork.com anyone been to see her recently
She's still on my hot list but haven't seen her since this review. I do see her on the hot list sometimes (can't remember last time I saw her profile though) so maybe she's just taking a break for a bit

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