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Author Topic: Bristol massage  (Read 2110 times)

Offline jamest

Hi there

1st posting, new here !

I am in Bristol tonight and looking for massage with HE, or more, or Thai spa / bath

Any help would be greatly appreciated, haven't got a huge budget !

Offline Lz-129

Not an expert and it's probably too late but there's central massage, Adam and Eve to name a few

Melissa's is as cheap as fuck but closes at 530pm

Offline mickhicks

Hi All

Bristol has a good few Thai massage places, the one in Kingswood does HE the cost is £25 1/2 hour or £40 ph with HR £20 on top hit or miss to the lady you get had 3 in there and all do it different the older but smaller and skinny one is the best the other 2 seemed to rush the massage to get it over with.

I have to say IMO I'd rather go to one of the massage parlours as they offer 30 mins for £40 and you get a massage and 2 services but on the plus side you know you're going to get a naked women and play with her, whilst the down side there is there is no anticipation of whether you will or wont get a HE?

happy to recommend the best 2 I've found recently

The Kingswood one I presume you mean Orchid spa does give HE however the one time I was there massage was good but the HE wasn't. I believe it was the older lady.

Offline ryandunn

Morning chaps, i'm bristol in a few weeks on business, I will be on foot in the centre during the day.

Can you recommend a good massage with extras, whats the status on the ones above??

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