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Author Topic: Chinese / Thai massage shops in central Bristol?  (Read 1093 times)

Offline Mij

Anyone know of any and can recommend?

Ideally reasonable walking distance from Cabot.


Offline Mij

Apparently not then, it would seem!  :thumbsdown:

Ah well, better stick with Exeter and Crewekerne!

Offline dannyfox

There is a Thai massage place in Bath, not sure if they do H.E.?

The Bath massage shop is not within walking distance of cabot circus as originally requested, but is only a few minutes walk from Bath Spa station.

And the answer to the last question is yes, although they will deny it if you ask on the phone.

Offline Mij


Thanks for the info...hopefully you do get one of the two nice ladies that are in the photo on their website! :-)

If I go I'll report back here.


Offline HawkG

A few things I watch out for when trying to predict the chances of extras:

 * Add points if open late in the evening. Deduct points for a strictly 9-5 shop.
 * Add points if open seven days a week, small deduction for not doing Sundays.
 * Add points if they say that the massage will be by a woman, or they picture women masseuses, small deduction if not (after all, if it's a purely health thing, you don't care if it's a man or woman right, just like most people don't really care if their GP is male or female).
 * Obviously add/deduct  a lot of point if someone tips you off as to their result :)

I've not had a false positive except for one place in the USA, where I wasn't sure of the guidelines/law/etc.

I guess there may have been false negatives that I wouldn't know about (places I thought wouldn't do it, so I didn't go, but in fact they would)

Offline HawkG

Any other signs to look out for?

Maybe the mobile number being a mobile rather than a Business landline?

Central Bristol is non existent. But Clifton-Westbury is looking up and only a £6-8 taxi from Central Bristol

Offline veritas1

Any pointers on these? Would be good for those of us that prefer the "Lighter" side of punting... ;)

Any pointers on these? Would be good for those of us that prefer the "Lighter" side of punting... ;)

I need access to my punting phone to cross reference the numbers currently showing against various generic asian profiles on AW. I will PM you on Sunday.

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