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Author Topic: Punts a Month  (Read 503 times)

Offline Matium

Let's celebrate the new software and do what we couldn't do before - Polls!

Offline softlad

For me 2-3.
Depending how many cars I have to go and look at.....
(that's my cover story)  :)

4 - 6 depending on if they are longer (then fewer).  In an exceptional month, 8 ;-)


Offline roadie

Usually one 2 hour punt every 3 weeks with one of my regular girls, but sometimes 3 x one hour punts per month. Depends where I am.

Depends on how much overtime I can get a month.

Once a month regardless, this month I am working every weekend, all that money is my punting money so maybe 3 or 4 times.

Offline Lurtz

Every couple of weeks usually.


3 a month .. sometimes once a week but most of the are outcalls 2 hours .. :D

Offline Matium

The poll has now closed.

Based on the results submitted by the 15 members who voted, the weighted average is 3.54.

This suggests that the average man enjoys 3 one hour punts and one half hour punt, or seven half hour punts, a month.

(This is all unscientific, of course).
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The poll said nothing about the duration of punts?!?!?  I shall create a new poll.


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