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Hi Guys

I am contemplating coming out of semi retirement and seeking a booking for tomorrow. After two disappointing punts with Playmates I am nervous re booking Felicity / Bonnie..

Felicity does have two recent reviews on the other website but lack of detail on this forum.
Bonnie certainly looks Bonnie but appears to be new as no reviews

Any advice / experience with Felicity?

Off topic slightly but I keep looking at Sweet Candii and despite her being Leeds top girl something holding me back....

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I've not seen either of the Playmates girls so can't help there, sorry.

I haven't seen Candii either...but I completely know what you mean, there is something that has been holding me back and I can't quite put my finger on it. It might be the obviously false tits, it might be the fact she is very much the top end of the price range for Leeds (not counting Lexxi Rocks haha), it might be the fact that she has almost 1000 feedbacks on AW. I just don't know.

I've read excellent reports on here here and elsewhere, and I have had personal recommendations from a couple of guys on here who's opinions and judgements I respect and trust, but as yet I haven't booked her.

Maybe a Christmas present to myself is in order...

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Not seen any of them personally but Bonnie was previously called Abbie at Playmates and used to be Bobbie at IK, might be worth checking out if reports under those names.

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Unless you simply don't like the look of her, Sweet Candii's reputation for good service precedes her. She has tats but I didn't find them vile, a fit body and a very welcoming, open ( ;)) attitude. At £150/hr she's obviously not cheap (this was the main reason I held off seeing her for a while myself) ... thankfully she delivers in spades, as most will affirm and have confirmed on here

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Thanks for the replies guys. My fault for taking off my initial topic but Candii due to my lack of experience I would feel intimidated and couple that with tats, fake boobs, however her service is meant to be superb. Is it true once the door opens she grabs you in for full on DFK before any paper work sorted? I have read this on several reports but sounds TGTBT...


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it is spot on! As soon as you're in the door she's embracing you and giving you a good snog.  Candii is amazing... it is only the fact that I'm so tight that I haven't been back... and that last time she made me her finger puppet  :scare: ...

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Thanks Bod.... I will see if she is available...

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Does anyone know where Bonnie has moved to? I saw her twice while she was at Leeds playmates and she was amazing.  I would like to see her again.

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Does anyone know if Bonnie has moved to another agency?  I really liked her.  Saw her twice and both times were amazing.