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I had an hour to kill in Canterbury after a meeting and thought id have a look on Adult work for Escorts in Canterbury, and found the profile for Hot_Bianca19. She looked pretty hot and the pics are bang on.

I was a bit nervous, so I texted Bianca, as I was leaving my meeting, to clarify the address, she said she would wait until I was on the street. I texted as requested when I got to the address shown on my SatNav, and she promptly responded. It was on the street, and easy to find. Its not very discreet, public parking within 100 yards, its a quiet residential neigbourhood. very good value for money/price. I did ask if I could bring a camera but I think she misunderstood, I left the camera in my bag. The flat was very clean and most important for me it was warm too as this was a freezing night. There was a bathroom next door.

Bianca is a stunner, lithe and sexy, with a drop-dead gorgeous ass, perky little titties, and a tight little pussy. I speak some Romanian, and established that she's only been in the UK for 2 months, so visit her now.  Her breasts I guess must be 24 AA or maybe a bit bigger, but she played the part of a dirty little girl perfectly. The photos are bang on here no photo-shopping, shes got the cutest little bottom, just right for kissing and nibbling.

She is very sweet and caring, I have to admit I was a bit nervous having not been to an escort for over 10 years, but she put me at my ease immediately. She was very outgoing not a great conversationalist, but I was not going to discuss world politics.

I had requested some role-play on arrival and she was as I requested, dressed in a one-piece black basque type thing, which made her breasts squeeze together perfectly this was covered over by a dressing gown, but still showed off her curves.
When we got upstairs to her room, she turned and slowly removed the dressing gown she was wearing and slipped it on to the bed, and said ; as I had requested, "I'm just going to have a shower to freshen up!" That's part of the role play i had discussed with her via email.
When I asked if I could get her to sit on my face whilst she sucked me off she said she could not do that, but everything else was fine. I guess if you are not well-endowed like me that makes sense.

From being greeted at the front door to the start of the role-play upstairs, she played her part perfectly. I had requested that she greet me at the door, and invite me in then we would go upstairs, and I would wait for her to go an have a shower, at which point I would spy on her in the shower, soaping up her sexy little breasts, and ass. She was good to her word and as I stood at the open door feeling my cock, she beckoned me in and said "Why don't you join me?" I said "rather", and went back in to the bedroom to disrobe, and returned to the bath/shower, to see her rubbing her pussy, and lathering herself up.
I stepped into the shower and felt my cock touch to top of her ass, and she said "Your hands are cold" so I washed them under the shower head, I reached out to touch her pert little nipples, and cup her gorgeous breasts, and pull her close for some light kisses.She responded, and we kissed on the lips. She reached down and started to fondle my cock, and rubbed me up and down, then bent over in the shower to gather some bath/shower gel, so she could lather my cock and balls. She had a very gentle touch, and got me very aroused. Then she stepped out of the bath and took a warm towel, dried herself off and then offered it to me.
I then followed her in to the bedroom, which was small, with a wardrobe on the left-hand side and the bed on the right, with a "Red Light" in the lampshade. At least she was honest about her job. She laid down on the bed and asked if I wanted a blow job, without a condom which I did, and she was good to her description, she's a very horny little thing.
Once that was over I requested that I lick her out, and we discussed her shaving rituals, and that she'd lost her virginity at 16 (not so long ago) she only 18 now. Once I had my fun with her little pussy, she wanted to have sex, not in a pushy way just efficient, she slipped a condom on me and slid onto me, I am not huge and felt pretty embarrassed, but she was happy to bounce up and down on me, then the condom slipped off and she went to get some more from another room. This time I tried doggy, but it was a disaster as I am just not built to fuck. So we reverted to a hand job without a condom, whist I fingered her pussy, until I came. She wiped me clean and I realised as I was getting dressed I had only had 30 minutes, but you never know how long you need.
I will definitely book again as I can see shes good at role-play and likes to get into the part. Next time it will be sexy school girl for her, and I the naughty teacher, giving her a spank or two, for being bad.
All-in-all, whilst it was not a full-hour I got what I wanted from the date and she was as described clean and very young and very very sexy.


2 review(s) found for hot_bianca19 linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

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