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Author Topic: Bustynaturalselina & hollybustylolly, Selby  (Read 914 times)

Offline Gent28

Has anybody seen these ladies? Some of the feedback on AW sounds amazing and private galleries look too good to be true. Can't find any mention of them in here though so just wondered if anyone has had the pleasure? They've both got unbelievable tits...

On my mobile and struggling to add a link if someone can help me out...

Here is the link

There is some feedback on her being fake pics of tits though. Do a search here.

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Offline eddieb86

I've met Selina she is a nice woman. Very friendly and down to earth. I didn't find her too attractive and I probably wouldn't see her again but her personality is 10/10.

Holly is into scat play so that's a big turn off for me from the start.

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Offline Gent28

Cool thanks for the Intel chaps. I am a bit out off by the skat stuff with Holly, can't find anything about her pics on here though...

When you say Selina is 10/10 for personality does that mean she's filthy? I'd put up with her being not so attractive with those massive tits.

Offline eddieb86

Theyre both friendly lasses and do make clients feel at home.

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