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Author Topic: Smiley-Miley Earls Court  (Read 1588 times)

29 review(s) for Smiley~Miley (19 positive, 4 neutral, 6 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Online mrhappypants


https://www.adultwork.com/1311155 or https://www.adultwork.com/Smiley%7EMiley

 Come in Mouth, French Kissing, hand relief, oral without, penetration (cowgirl, missionary) Prostate massage, role play, swallow, (once delivered, once declined) uniforms (declined).

Those of you who have found this thread,
will know I like edging.  If you have not come across it before check this out
www.xvideos.com/videos29637/you_can_come_now  Apart from the foot work, which does nothing for me, this would kind of be my ideal.
Millie's been on my hot list for about a year but then people started reporting that she was becoming mechanical or losing her enthusiasm.  She is also on the other side of town from me.  My usual punting slot is Saturday lunch time and I always invest a bit of time Thursdays and Fridays lining up a few options.  So a couple of months ago I am having a pretty poor response and thought time I try Miley again. 
Her coms are minimal but once we have made an agreement she sticks to it.  It is mostly by text and, at best, the day before. 
Her place is on a main road and easily accessible from the Piccadilly Line.  A previous review had warned that the entrance is overlooked by a bus stop. The game is to pretend to be waiting for a bus and wait for her to reply. 
As been commented before Millie is blessed with a very attractive shapely figure, there is not much I can add to the effusive descriptions of her posterior - everything you have heard is true (high 8's). If you are in to a shapely Brazilian physique she should be on your list.  She tells me she does not exercise and is lucky with her genes. Facially I would say high 7.
Unlike the cute look in her photos, to meet Millie is rather more exotic and demanding.  No smiling, curt service and a bit of a brat. Also she does not meet dress requests and there is usually a bit of time wasting that goes on.  But my lord the skills!! 
Fastidious, very nicely turned out, no smell of smoke.
Knows how to use the mirrors to good effect.
Hand and oral work is just how I like it.
Won't meet a dress request.
Kinky, not GFE, not PSE more BDSM.  She told me some of the stuff she does and it is pretty far out there.
Not kissy or huggy - she has a partner and the boundaries are limiting.
She does not rush me for time.
Past the attitude, and there certainly is attitude, I like her. 
I think she is value at the price if the service works for you.
She will role play but has stated declining swallow - too much come I suspect.
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29 review(s) found for Smiley~Miley linked to in above post (19 positive, 4 neutral, 6 negative)

Offline kong

hey mate,

care to elaborate on the far out stuff she does?

saw some pretty kinky pics of her tied up in her private gallery!

Online mrhappypants

Yeah I have had a few PM's on this too.  First I should apologise for the crap IT skills.  If you search xvideos.com for "you can cum now" it will throw up the video I tried to link to as the first in the list and if you search this site for best edging in London it will find the relevant discussion.

To Milie; the tone of the stories she relayed was Dom rather than Sub;

1 Going with a punter to get dog shit off the street.  He wants her smear the bottom of her shoes with it and then wipe them on him.

2 Collecting spunk from punters because a regular likes to drink it like a cocktail.
She seems pretty keen on strap on's and has a porn collection for use. 

All this makes me look very vanila but if it is your thing knock yourself out.  As I said,  I think she advertises GFE because it is popular but she is probable better at the kinky stuff stuff noting, of course, that she does NOT meet dress requests (believe me - I asked).


Offline carefree

It's Miley, as in Miley Cyrus and anyone else with the name Miley.

Smiley Miley :hi:
Banning reason: Troll

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