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Author Topic: Jessica1974 Colchester  (Read 2061 times)

2 review(s) for xxxJessica1974xxx (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Neal69

Recent Punt.

https://www.adultwork.com/1694490 or https://www.adultwork.com/xxxJessica1974xxx

Been debating this one for a while.

Little information in a search on here and what was available indicated that kissing was not available.

Good and regular (albeit fluffy) AW feedback.

£130 for 1 hour.

Phoned and got an afternoon booking straight away. Sounded very nice on the phone.

Directed to free easy parking and asked to ring when there.

Rang when parked and was directed to her flat which is in a nice modern part of central Colchester.

Met at door by good looking woman in sexy dress and shown into a nice bedroom.

This woman has a very madcap sense of humour that kept me entertained all the way through the booking. I laughed as much as I fucked.

Kissing on the menu? Definitely and it got more passionate as the booking progressed.

The dress came off to reveal the same sort of underwear that is displayed in her public pics.

What followed can only be described as a romp.

Loads of laughing, kissing and playing with each others bits. This woman loves RO and maybe the only downside of this meet was that Oral was with.

The culmination of this meet was when she rode me to completion.


Venue. Nice flat easy parking good directions.

Looks. This is subjective but I found her to be very good looking. Around the age advertised.

Body. Tall and very shapely, great arse, tits did sag a bit but nothing too bad. Nothing you would not expect for a woman of her age who has big naturals.  Smart lingerie and a very tasty trimmed pussy. No stretch marks or evidence of child birth. No Tattoo's or piercings.

Action. Loads of FK and DFK, RO, OW and protected sex.

Not a clock watcher.


Great Punt. One of my best so far. The laughter and the whole sense of a real GFE made this a really fun punt.

Recommended. If you want a GFE with a mature fun loving woman this is for you. If you are looking for a PSE then maybe this is not the one.

Return. Hell Yes. :dance: :yahoo: :dance:

2 review(s) found for xxxJessica1974xxx linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline cheek

Where abouts is her place in colchester ?

Quite tempted by the pictures and I've been craving a milf lately  :lol:

Offline Neal69

Location sent by PM as not good form to post in Public.


Offline coop0337

I would be interested to know roughty where she is aswell if you could pm me cause i dont drive have been debating this punt for a while but need to make sure i can get there

Offline Neal69

You cannot receive PM,s Coop.

Location is near Tesco Hythe.


Offline richie12

I see that OWO is on her profile likes- is this something that she has added since you visit a year ago Neal? :unknown:

 As you obviously weren't fortunate enough to experience it from her at the time??

Offline Hackneylad1

I was interested in her but even the more recent reviews on AW from August this year talk about covered oral. No OWO is a  deal breaker for me so would be interested to finc out if available. Might have to email her in the new year and just ask unless someone on here knows the answer.

Offline Neal69

Been back a few times since the review and it is still OW.

Must have been good though for me to return. :wacko:


Offline richie12

Thanks for your reply Neal, a deal breaker for me, however.

Will have my hands full (literally) with Miss Scott and other reg's for the foreseable!!!  :wacko:

Offline Hackneylad1

Yes thanks for that Neal. Pity that she lies about OWO though as its on her enjoys list. Will have to be a miss from me as its a deal breaker.

Offline sloshed


I was going to PM  Neal69  but I can't work out how to do it on this forum, anyway, mainly wanted to know if you would recommend visiting her as you seem to have been a couple of times?

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Offline Neal69

Depends what you want sloshed.

For me to return several times I am looking for more than good sex.

I am looking for a WG to make the meeting seem like it is not a chore for them.

A meet with Jessica is great fun as I find her totally madcap and a fun person to be with.

Yes I am fully aware I am paying for her time but she certainly gives the illusion that the meet is fun for her as well.

We pay for the illusion.

The shagging is not half bad either. :wacko:

YMMV as always but I have enjoyed my meets with Jessica and intend to return.


Offline sloshed

Hi Neal,

Sounds good, thanks for the reply.

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