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Author Topic: Busty.Bella - South Kensington SW3  (Read 961 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2341696 or https://www.adultwork.com/Busty%2EBella


Spoke with the same girl that serves Bambi. She appears to handle all bookings for the WGs under Busty London Escorts. Will ask you what time you want to come as well as how long. Text message usually comes afterwards with the address.


£120 for 1 hour


Based out of a serviced apartment in Chelsea Cloisters, South Kensington. Chelsea Cloisters is based about 5 minutes East as you come out of South Kensington tube station. Very clean, people behind the desk will never give you trouble even if you have to wait around inside for 5-10 minutes. Apartment itself is fairly clean.


Good. Fucking. God. Top 3 sexiest all around girls I've had the pleasure of seeing in my 3-4 years of punting. Much better looking in person than in pictures. She's lost a lot of weight compared to the pictures which she has posted at the moment. They don't do her body justice at all. She has the cutest face to match with a stunning body. Her tits are perfection. Like, actual perfection. Real, big and she loves to have them fondled. She's got what appears to be a work in progress derriere, but it's the perfect size if you like certain positions like from behind on your side or having her lay down flat on her belly and coming in from behind. Legs are fantastic too. Not really a feet kinda guy, but they're nice too.


OWO is not listed, but she has been known to offer it (as shown in other reviews) and did so with myself which is actually beyond heaven. Literally the best BJ of my life. Starts off slow, no hands for pretty much the whole time. She knows exactly what shes doing from start the finish and it'll drive you crazy. The amount of concentration that goes into ensuring you don't pop before get going is insane. After she was done, I moved up to kiss her and worked my way down making sure I get my lips to every part on the way south. RO for a bit which she's quite responsive to. Of the few times I had seen her she didn't enjoy fingers inside of her, but I wouldn't go into the session expecting it by any means

Bella really puts off a GFE vibe, and I treated it as such. Started in mish for a while, starting slow and picking speed. Putting my arms around her legs to push them back. She's quite flexible so she doesn't appear to have any problems with this. Next I took her legs and put them both to one side as I continued going. Worked my way down so I was laying behind her as we were both on our side. While doing so I pulled her in with one arm and played with her breasts with the other. From what I can tell she loves it when you played with them, but obviously not being too rough.

She responds well to transitions of positions as I pushed her over so she was fully laying flat on the bed. As I was going in deep for the first stroke she let out the sexiest moan which took me from the hardest boner of my life to viagra-level boner. After a few minutes of this we both eventually came together with her providing a bit of help a-la dirty talking.

Bella is not a clock watcher by any means. I've lost of the number of times we had gone over the limit. She seems to truly enjoy what she does, or at least have you leaving completely satisfied. A shower was offered both before and after.


Cute face.
Huge tits.
Sexy body.
Nice curvy ass which isn't overpowering.
Great legs.







Would I like to see her again?

Yes, whenever she comes back as she's been away for a few weeks now (holiday perhaps?)


Best girl I've seen on Adultwork. Best sex I've had in my life as the GFE illusion almost feels real (obviously not, but a man can dream). Great value for money considering if she has time she's willing to go over 60 minutes. Personally my plan A anytime I'm in the mood and she's available.

5 review(s) found for Busty.Bella linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

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