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Author Topic: Bahamas  (Read 627 times)

Offline westbay_abaco

After my experience in Miami, I was ready to give up.

Came across to Nassau for a couple of weeks and thought I'd try to find someone.

Tried Seeking Arrangements - this looks very positive and you probably can hook up with a few amateurs, I have a couple of numbers and could probably arrange something for around $100-$150.

But for something quicker, try backpages which has a number of escort services advertised. Rates range from $200 ph for a black girl ($250 for a Latina) to over $500.  Well I wasnt going to spend silly money, so booked someone for $200.

Turned up on time and she had the tightest buns I have ever had the pleasure off.  Not an ounce of fat on the lass and fairly small bust, 5'5" and about 25.  But really it was fantastic feeling such a hardbody.  I am not big, but man the vag was tiight

Everything was covered - you cant be too careful in this part of the world.

Didnt try anal but maybe next time depending on how I feel, tbh vag was more than adequate.

She gave me her number and will do me for $150 next time for direct booking (agency takes $100)

She said theres too much competition, so I guess I'll have fun finding them as I'll be here a few days every couple of months for work.
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Offline westbay_abaco

Next installment of my experiences.

Tried to arrange appointment with Ashley Forbes email: ashleyforbes599@gmail.com

She sends very nice - female next door pictures.  Heres the ones I received

HOWEVER she makes arrangements via email (quite cheap as well, I was quoted $130) and then suddenly no more contact - a total timewaster.  This happened twice - obviously forgot my email from the first time round.

Luckily I had plan B - someone from SA.

She said I she had not done this thing before and I paid $300 'tip'.  Not sure if whe will take this up as a professional or is just a one off, so I will not post details.  Suffice she was absolutely gorge and I had a good time.  $300 to me was a bit much though what with no DFK or Oral, but she was a 'civvy' I guess.
Banning reason: Protecting criminal prossie

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