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Author Topic: Naughty Teen Cleo in Leicester  (Read 612 times)

10 review(s) for ~ Cleo ~ (4 positive, 5 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

After having a disappointing night because of a SA letdown and then a popular WG I had booked for a long outcall to my hotel had her periods come on within the first 15 min of our meet (she shall remain unnamed because I wish to give her the benefit of the doubt that it had started after she came to me and I am not into period play!), I was determined to make something good out of the shitty luck I was having this weekend.

Hence booked Naughty Teen Cleo


I have given her a neutral rather than negative because I finished the meet with mixed feelings. I have seen other girls many times from the same stable as her and found them to be very good but I only partially enjoyed my meet with Cleo.

Venue: Nice hotel in central Leicester. Good metered parking at the roadside nearby.

The meet got to not a good start as Cleo was over 20min late. I was waiting in the hotel lobby for around half an hour waiting for her call! She then called and then said she was running late because of the train from Gatwick where she had been working for the past few days and gave me her room number. Her age seems to be fairly accurate enough and perhaps size 10. She wasn't wearing the clothes request of a bikini which I had made earlier which had been confirmed by email. She offered me a glass of water which I took. I paid her the cash for 1 hr right at the outset and asked if she was ok with the one hour booking because of the time delays on her part. She said she would do until a particular time because she had another booking then. I said that amounted to only 50 min rather than the hour. She then said she would give me the full hour and to be fair, she did.

Her boobs are her best asset but otherwise she is not toned like a lapdancer. We started off with some light french kissing which then progressed to reasonably deep. She is a decent kisser. I then kissed her boobs and sucked on her nice pink cherry nipples. Her owo technique is pretty poor but she took some direction from me and at least it was a little more pleasurable. Overall she was amateurish at best. I gave her pussy a nice licking to for quite a while which she was responsive to. I asked her if I was doing it as she liked or I needed to change and she said she was enjoying it. We then put the condom on and started off with her on top. She rode me without much technique and I provided further directions about how best to make it pleasurable. The worst thing is the room had two beds instead of a large double and even worse, the beds had wheels which made them move all over the place. This CG position was perfect for holding her and further playing with her boobs and sucking her nipples. I always like to do some standing fucking. We then moved and she sat on the desk in the room with her legs on my shoulders and I fucked her. When I increased the pace a little more, she was not able to cope! I stopped and she sucked me again. We went to the bed for some frogging/prone boning which was very enjoyable and my hands cupping her breasts. She is tight which made it very good. I then withdrew and came in her mouth in front of the mirror. I had a few days reserve and it was nice to do half cim and half facial on her. She does not swallow and went to the bathroom.

We chatted for a while and we got back again at it. She started providing owo but with the same old bad technique of going to and fro fast without much friction! I reminded her of her earlier conversation and it was better. We then moved to the bathroom which had large mirrors on two of the walls. She wore her high heels and we did a nice standing doggy for a prolonged time and it was great to watch both of us from the front and side mirrors. Back into the room and we went on to the bed and side on missionary fucking. Pulled out and more cim. I got a secondary orgasm (it was not a part of the initial cum) soon after and I topped up the cum already in her mouth.

We were just roughly 40 min into the meet and she said she did not have any condoms left! We had opened 3 condoms until then but one had been wasted. She said she was rationing 3 per client. So we agreed she would suck me off. If probably worked for the better because she gave a slightly better owo sleeping on the bed which I liked - I appreciated the way she took my feedback from earlier in the meet and had adapted. I once again came in her mouth.

I was not offered a shower there and decided to get back and have one as it all felt slightly mechanical and somewhat rushed. Yes I had cum 3 times, 4 if the back to back cum is counted as separate, but it felt rushed. To me it is not always about cumming but enjoying the time, so any day would settle in for less cums and more enjoyment! Perhaps she was jaded as she had worked in Gatwick for the past many days and was in Leicester immediately after without any break! We said goodbye as she was quickly wearing her make-up back on for the next client who I think I bumped into as I was exiting the lift.

Young girl
Great boobs
Took directions well
Many cums

Not punctual
Did not wear the simplest clothing request (bikini or something similar)
Poor oral technique
Limited condoms and rationing!
Somewhat mechanical
Rushed, felt like a conveyor belt situation

Given the balance of the above, I have decided to rate her neutral. She certainly is a nice girl with a great potential to improve but perhaps should concentrate on some of the constructive feedback above to improve. I wouldn't wish to put anybody off from seeing her because I do believe she might have been better on another day and wish to give her that benefit of the doubt and would be willing to return as she will be much better when those suggestions are taken on board.

10 review(s) found for ~ Cleo ~ linked to in above post (4 positive, 5 neutral, 1 negative)

Just realised that I have posted this in the West Midlands section rather than in the East Midlands as the meet took place in Leicester. She tours all round the country actually. Any suggestions as how I move the review to the right place?

Just realised that I have posted this in the West Midlands section rather than in the East Midlands as the meet took place in Leicester. She tours all round the country actually. Any suggestions as how I move the review to the right place?
Report to admin, he often does that !

good review, still tempted though as a one off at least I know what to expect.

Report to admin, he often does that !

good review, still tempted though as a one off at least I know what to expect.

Thanks VW. Have mentioned it to admin. I hope it was a balanced review of my personal experience and as I have said, I wouldn't put you off and would myself be ok to return as this might have been an aberration rather than a rule! It must have been a hectic day for her travelling from Gatwick to Leicester and tired starting work soon after arrival, especially as she had been working for the past few days too. I have seen some of the other girls from that group & I do think overall it is a very good group.

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