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Author Topic: XXX Sexy Clara xxxxxx  (Read 692 times)

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Offline johnjo72

https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3138829 :dash:

Not sure what the f..k happened with this one, ,made arrangements to meet "Clara" based on the profile and with not much else to choose from / deciding on a "punt"/long shot, photos looked good although disguised so thought what the hell, made a booking, when I got there it was Keemie ( I think ) who opened the door and introduced me to "Clara" but the English was so poor I think that might have been my imagination, come to think of it it wasn't - it really was someone else. For those who have been there before you know where this was it was the bloody 21st floor LOL and you wouldn't want to park there( I parked the growler in the retail park and walked), anyways, I went ahead as downstairs rules the roost over the head, and even though she in front of me was nothing like the photos she was a very willing participant and it was almost as if I was doing her a favour? Bit overweight, mummy tummy etc but can she ride FFS, I really believe she enjoyed it more than I did, but then I did leave and made an appointment for later on in the evening elsewhere

3 review(s) found for X SEXY CLARA X linked to in above post (1 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline auldie63

Don't know what happened here but I went to see Clara a few days ago, haven't got round to a rev. yet, but she was on the 2nd floor of an ok building in Anniesland with fine parking. It was defo her that I saw and had a good time with. The flat I saw her in could not have had any other occupants, thats for sure. Will get a review up soonest. Also her english is excellent. Are you sure you phoned the right number?
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Offline DG

JohnJo, tbh and having read Auldie's review, I think you saw xx Hot & Sexy xx. Your description matches hers and the poor English rings true too. Don't know Keemie but a girl passed me going in and out and I think that may have been Clara.  :hi:

Should say that's assuming it was H&S I saw as her appearance didn't exactly match her glossy profile pics  :crazy:

Sounds like there are a couple of half decent Plan C type girls working there but they need to get there act together.
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Offline johnjo72

I think keemi has changed her profile no photos now so what does that say? several people working off one or two profiles? I think Keemi was hot and sexy previously?

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