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Author Topic: Anyone seen Sandwell 69er  (Read 1141 times)

Offline Pauluk1

Saw her a couple of years ago.  She's a nice girl who left me leaving with a smile on my face.
Her quickies were 20 quid then so a bargain.

Offline Topgun

Not bad looking for 35. I'm sure I've seen her around somewhere I just can't put my finger on it
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A few years back she used to be based by friar park (walsall/west brom), on the bottom floor of a high rise. Proper shit-hole. The front door had been kicked in at some point as the lock was hanging off and the place stunk of weed. I walked in and straight back out. She looked a mess btw.

Offline Stapler

I saw Sara when she first started up and she was near Burnt Tree. She started with massage and HE only advertising on GT. Later she progressed to FS.

She is tall, was not overweight, pleasant and as I remember gave a lovely backhanded handjob!
She was actually doing that place up and she was a painter and decorator as well!

She moved and did another place up in Dudley where she worked with a very young girl. Then she moved again. She then had a long break. Now looks like she is back. May have to look her up!

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Offline nwbrfc

Saw her the other day. Really friendly and sexy woman. I love her slim figure with small tits and lush pussy. She was game for deep throat and a good fuck. She even let me fuck her anally to completion despite my size. Top girl who does her best to please. Will defo be back.

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