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Hello everyone   :hi:

Thought I would give punting ago, see what i'm missing out on :thumbsup:

I'm looking to book my first meet just wanted some general information on what i should look out, I presume the girls on the website who have pictures have either been edited and general don't look like that when you see them or do you?

Would any other members recommend any WG's for my first punt in and around the Glasgow area, If anyone could give me some advice it would be very much appreciated.

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Are you an undercover police officer by any chance "scotslad01"? :hi:

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Jings, it's the fuzz - scatter


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your all nicked!!!!!!!!!  :D

i'm not a undercover police officer.. well not that i'm aware of.

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So you have been hypnotised to protect your cover  :lol:


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So you're not PC David Mackenzie then?

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It's called being cynical about a very vague, poorly written English request for information.
Read your message back to yourself, sounds like a windup.


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Hey SL

Have you read this, it should contain all you need to know,m a damn good read on a Saturday night !

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There's a crackin' wee french burd up the Queen's Park.

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Try Rouken Glen park. At school there was a saying, 'Up the Rookie, get your nookie.'   :lol: